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Bikefixtation helps quench your thirst and clean your filthy bike!

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Bike Fixtation makes cyclists’ lives a little easier by making the things they need more accessible when they’re needed. Their public use work stands and vending machines have saved many of rides, and now they’re adding even more remote functionality with a bike wash and a bottle station. Fix your bike, clean it off, and fill your bidons all right at the trail head…

Wash 1

Why a bike wash station at the trail head? It’s always best to knock the dirt and especially mud off (remember to respect trail closures) when it’s fresh rather than wait till it drys up. Also, many may not have access to a way to wash their bikes outside before taking it inside (where it belongs). Bike Fixtation developed the Bike Wash Station to be a simple convenient product that was as secure as it was functional.

 Wash 4  Wash Brushes

Like their work-stands, the Wash Station has a pretty nice variety of cleaning tools secured to it with braided steel cables. They include a drivetrain brush, scrubber brush, frame brush and wheel brush. It’s constructed out of a thick gauge steel and has a vandal resistant hose & nozzle with stainless steel fittings. The “high velocity / low consumption” nozzle is designed to produce a good amount of pressure for knocking off the heavy stuff without too much risk to your bearings, all while conserving water. To prevent mischief, the Wash Station has a vandal proof auto shut-off to prevent excess water loss and a coin operated timer box can be added as an option.

Bottle 1 fill_station_detail-large

Who doesn’t get thirsty right? Not often do you find a water fountain along the path or trail head, and if you do, more often than not it produces a dribble at best, only allowing you to fill your bottle partly full. The Bottle Station offers a simple push-button vertical dispenser that makes filling your bottle or hydration bladder *all the way* simple.  

Wash bottle combo

Lastly, they make a combo unit that would really compliment their public use repair stands. It has all of the same features as both the Bottle Station and Wash Station all in one tidy package.


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8 years ago

I don’t like the bottle filler, because it can’t be used without a bottle, and therefore not usable by some people on foot. Making something that only tends to cyclists’ needs lower the chances of it being installed (as opposed to something that would benefit more people).
Usually the problem with common drinking fountain is that there’s a type of sink that collects the water spills, and this prevents us from placing the bottle vertically (which is required to fill it to the top). A simple workaround would be to allow the tap to rotate around its base, so you could shoot the water away from the sink, and collect it in your bottle without problems.
Or any number of design that would allow people to drink directly, while still being able to fill a bottle properly.

8 years ago
Reply to  Francois

Why would this have to be installed exclusive of a regular fountain? yes, it may be redundant, but 9/10 times, fountains where I live are out of order, or more likely, very low pressure. Hardly anything comes out and it’s almost impossible to fill a bottle.

In any case, the park district around here usually installs dual fountains. Normal fountain on top, and a vertical nozzle on the side, for filling dog bowls or water bottles. That’s really the best idea, one unit that serves multiple people (and animals!)

8 years ago

we have a similar model at work, ie no water dispenser. the issue i have with it are the cables for the tools, makes them really, really hard to use.

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