Photo submitted by Tim Young, “Photo of a ride today in Wilson, WY, aboard my 1980 custom Schwinn Paramount, to celebrate the anniversary of rolling out of town 41 years ago with two friends on the Too Tyred Tour, a 7-year Around the World expedition. The bars may be a little low for my old back, but it still rolls beautifully; original silver brazed 531 frame, full Campy, triple crank, bar end shifters, 40-hole wheels with solid track axles. The Paramount frame was made in Waterford, along with the custom racks. The second photo is AP wire of the three of us arriving in Buenos Aires a year later, 12,000 miles into a 45,000 mile tour.”

an AP photo of three men traveling on bicycles, they are posed in front of a government building in buenos aires.

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  1. Angus M. Thuermer, Jr. on

    Tim Young has spent most of his time after returning to Jackson Hole coordinating the construction of pathways here and across Wyoming.

  2. Rio Rose on

    Tim Young has been instrumental in developing new trails and pathways in Wyoming. As the Executive Director of Wyoming Pathways he has facilitated many new trails around Lander, WY. Nice ride and what an amazing adventure Tim. You are the real deal and a mover and shaker in cycling!


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