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Bikerumor Review: One Betty of a Basket Liner!

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I didn’t even have a basket on my bike until Tara, the owner of Betty Basket Liners sent me one of her bags, then I had to go get one just so I could use it…and I’m so glad I did. The Betty Basket Liner (Bag!) is quite handy as a purse for everyday use, and easily fits into my bike basket when I take the cruiser out for a trip to the Farm Market downtown.

Betty Basket Liners are durable fabric bags, made in the USA, with long handles and a wide elastic band around the edge to fold over the rim of your bike basket–perfect for holding your bag secure in the basket and open so you can put all your things inside. Tara started out like so many of our homegrown entrepreneurs, she made some bags for herself to keep small items from falling out of her basket and, when friends and family started asking her to make bags for them, a business was formed…


The liner fits snuggly around the rim of the basket thanks to the wide elastic band along the edge of the bag.


Tara sent me the Harvard model, which makes me happy with the bright green and white print on the outside, multicolor stripe border and bow, and turquoise paisley lining (she offers multiple designer fabrics to choose from). Since I’ve been carrying it around as a purse, I can put anything I buy inside so I don’t have to use plastic bags when I go to the store (I always forget to bring along the fabric bags). It also has handy interior pockets and a keychain clip so I don’t have to search for my car house keys when I get home!


The inside of this bag has my phone, a wallet and an extra pair of pants for the potty-training toddler in my arms above!

Bags run from $25 for the Lil’Betty, to $69 for a custom model. Most of the bags that will fit your average bike basket are $49. They have different sizes to fit the different sizes and shapes of bike baskets, rectangular or oval shaped. You can contact them for a custom bag if you have something different in mind. They even have bags made with oilcloth that are waterproof–great for bike trips to the beach or pool when you need to hold wet things or get sand allover.

Check out her website for more pictures and to see all the different bags/fabric combos that she offers. Thanks, Tara!

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