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Bikerumor.com Review – Squirt Lube

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bikerumor.com product review - squirt lube bicycle chain lubricant wax based biodegradable cleaner

Squirt Lube is a water/wax emulsion dry lube that claims to keep your chain clean and quiet while environmentally friendly.  The biodegradable formula contains no harmful solvents and breaks down quickly, making it good for your bike and the earth.

It uses several waxes in a much higher than normal concentration compared to other wax lubes.  There are a lot of cool things about this lube, and I’m trying to decide whether to lure you into the review with “The Best Lube Ever!” or something more intriguing like they have “The Best Sticker Ever!”

How ’bout both.  Read “more” to see why this stuff rocks and their sticker…

If you can’t read it, click to enlarge.

Ok, now for the review.  I’ve used Squirt on my mountain bike for about two months.  The first application was put on a dirty chain that had previously been coated with a non-wax “dry” lube…something from Finish Line, I think.  We have a ridiculous assortment of lubes around the office here, but prior to this gig I mostly used Pedro’s Ice Wax because I liked the idea of a wax lube, particularly that it should help keep the chain clean.

Above, and the next two pics below, show the chain after a particularly muddy ride at Whitewater trails in Charlotte, NC.  I had ridden a couple of times before that since the last application of Squirt.  Note that while the chain looks a little gunky, the cassette is much cleaner than it would be after using a “wet” lube.

Click any of these pics to enlarge for detail and you’ll see the “chunks” of used wax in the chain…still there after three rides.  That’s a GOOD thing, it means it’s still on there lubricating the chain.

Even though it looks dirty, the chain ran smooth and quiet.  Next up, application:

One of the really cool things about Squirt is it doesn’t separate like a lot of other wax lubes.  In theory, you don’t really even have to shake the tube before you apply.  I did merely out of habit, but there was no visible separation in the tube.  The pics above and below show freshly applied Squirt.

The consistency was liquidy enough to apply easily and evenly, but not so thin that it dripped right off.  Actually, it stayed on the chain really well…there was no spray on the wheel or ground like you get with some other lubes while spinning the chain during application.

Here’s the chain (above & below) about two hours after application.  The wax has set on the chain and around the old gunk.

…which brings us to the next really cool thing about Squirt Lube:  It literally flakes the crud off your chain as you ride, keeping the chain functionally clean (though maybe not cosmetically) and quiet and shifting smooth.  Here’s the proof:

This is what fell off the chain after shifting it up and down the cassette a few times while spinning the crank.  This is the same grease-gunk that was all over the office floor after installing the Gore RideOn cables we’re reviewing, so it continues to shed the gunk even after a couple of rides after application.

Bikerumor.com Rating

This is the dream when it comes to any product.  Squirt Lube lives up to every claim it lists on its website, label and marketing.  It keeps the chain clean (again…functionally clean), quiet and smooth for several rides between applications.  It goes on easy, lasts through muddy and wet rides and sheds the gunk as you go.  And it’s environmentally friendly.  Literally, there is nothing wrong with this product.  At $10 per 4oz bottle, it’s on par with other lubes in terms of price, but it doesn’t take much to coat the chain, and I’ve only had to apply it about every third ride…so it should last a while.  With all that in mind, I give it Five Thumbs Up!

Our recommendation: The next time you need chain lube, buy this.

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I need/want those stickers…

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