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BikeYoke Barkeeper is a lightweight one-piece stem for 35mm bars weighing just 80g

bikeyoke barkeeper one-piece stem
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German component manufacturer, BikeYoke, has stepped up its offering of cockpit components with a mountain bike stem for 35mm clamp bars. Available in 35mm, 45mm and 55mm length options, the BikeYoke Barkeeper is lightweight and gets a simple, clean aesthetic thanks to its one-piece design. This comes with the release of a one-piece top cap and a useful little component called Aimy that doubles up as a steerer tube clamp and headset spacer.

BikeYoke Barkeeper Stem

bikeyoke barkeeper one-piece stem front face

With a 35mm clamp and 35mm length, the BikeYoke Barkeeper stem weighs a claimed 86g (80g with Ti bolts), comparable to the lightweight one-piece Grace stem from Intend. All Barkeeper stems in the range are 3D forged, precision CNC machined for the desired contours, and subsequently shot-peened to further strengthen the surface. The logos and markings are then laser engraved into the raw aluminum prior to anodization.

bikeyoke barkeeper one-piece stem

The major drawback of any one-piece stem is lack of compatibility with certain riser bars. BikeYoke steer clear of stating an absolute number for rise. This is because compatibility is determined by the shape of the bar bend, not simply by how high the rise is. They say most handlebars up to 30mm rise should work fine; bars validated for compatibility with the BikeYoke Barkeeper include the Race Face SixC 35mm riser bar and OneUp’s ovalized 20mm riser bar.

bikeyoke barkeeper one-piece stem cockpit view

In an attempt to increase the number of bars compatible with the Barkeeper stem, BikeYoke resolved to include an installation wedge with the shipment of every stem that helps to prise open the clamping area to 9mm for more clearance.

All Barkeeper stem lengths were successfully tested to exceed the requirements of the strongest possible category for mountain bike components (category 5) of DIN EN 17406:2021 and ASTM F2043-13.

bikeyoke topper top cap one piece lightweight

With the launch of the Barkeeper, BikeYoke has also made available a top cap, named the Topper, also of a one-piece design that eliminates the need for a separate steel bolt. The Topper is claimed to weigh less than 5g, fits any M6-threaded star-fangled nut, and retails at $14 USD / 14€ .

bikeyoke topper top cap

The final piece to the puzzle comes in the form of a neat little component called Aimy, that doubles up as a steerer clamp and a headset spacer. Aimy adds 8mm of stack height, but unlike a regular headset spacer, it is also able to clamp to the steerer. This means when you remove your stem to clean out the star nut area of the steerer, the fork should remain in place hands-free.

bikeyoke aimy headset spacer steerer clamp
The BikeYoke Aimy is machined from aluminum, featuring a stainless steel clamping bolt and will fit any standard 1 1/8“ standard steerer tube.

It also makes for a very useful indicator when re-aligning the bar after a crash. The stem will often rotate about the steerer during a crash, even if the clamp bolts are tightened to the specific torque recommendation, leaving the rider spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get everything lined up perfectly again.

bikeyoke aimy steerer clamp

The BikeYoke Aimy spacer should, however, stay put. So, assuming you installed the Aimy spacer correctly first time around, you should be able to use it as a handy visual cue when realigning your stem and bar. The Aimy weighs a claimed 8g and retails at $16 USD / 16€.

bikeyoke aimy

Pricing & Availability

The BikeYoke Barkeeper stem is available now in a 35mm clamp diameter only, with lengths of 35mm, 45mm and 55mm. All retail at $89 USD / 89€ with standard steel bolts. Spend an extra $25 USD / 25€ to lighten up with Ti bolts.

bikeyoke barkeeper stem


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2 years ago

What’s old is new again. Looks like a nice XC stem. I remember wedging a tool in my Control Tech stem to twist through my Scott AT-2 LF bars. I’m pretty sure I broke an old Shimano XT brake lever clamp spreading it open to fit.

2 years ago

Several companies make clamping headset spacers already. Problem Solvers is the first that pops to mind

2 years ago
Reply to  eddiecycle

Been around for 30 years on tanners and recumbents

2 years ago

Shame there’s no 31.8 option. Maybe in the future?

Aldo P
Aldo P
2 years ago

Per my latest order
“Unfortunately, we have had to learn that a production batch of the screws that we use for our stem BikeYoke Barkeeper contains defective copies.
In these screws, the thread was not manufactured correctly and it is not completely formed. The thread has an incorrect pitch diameter and does not run sufficiently pointed.
This can result in the screw connection can not generate sufficient clamping force to the steerer tube, despite correct tightening torque, with which the stem can twist too easily.
Since we can not say which screws are affected to exactly what extent, we therefore advise you, like any other customer, for safety reasons urgently not to use the stem until further notice.”

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