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BikeYoke Grippy grips lock-on 31mm diameter eccentric honeycomb rubber

bikeyoke grippy grips mtb orange 31mm diameter 140mm length
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Dropper seat post manufacturer, BikeYoke, has dropped an updated version of their lock-on MTB Grips; the BikeYoke Grippy. A highlight of the new Grippy is its eccentric rubber layup. While the grip has a 31mm circular diameter, the distribution of that rubber is uneven, designed to optimise rubber thickness and thus vibration damping qualities in the spots where you need it most.

BikeYoke Grippy MTB Grips

bikeyoke grippy mtb grip gen 4
At the inboard edge, the rubber comes up and over the grip’s aluminum collar obscuring the bolt from view

The new BikeYoke Grippy lock-on grip is 140mm in length, featuring rubber arranged in a honeycomb-like structure. Around its 31mm diameter, the rubber is organised eccentrically such that it is thicker at the rear-facing side (palm side), and thinner at the forward-facing side (finger side). This arrangement was chosen to offer more vibration damping at the palm side, where the rider weights the bar. The thinner side should mean the grip maintains that firm mechanical ride feel under the fingers.

bikeyoke grippy grip specs 140mm long 31mm diameter

BikeYoke has gone further with the vibration damping efforts, cutting out a small portion of the nylon sleeve at the outboard edge of the grip in order to accommodate extra rubber in this location.

The honeycomb pattern of the rubber was designed for good torsional resistance, to deliver a grip surface that doesn’t twist or flex too much under load. This should give the grip surface decent longevity, too.

bikeyoke grippy mtb grips nylon endcap
The BikeYoke Grippy gets molded, integrated nylon end-caps, designed to protect the rubber at the outboard edge of the grip during lie downs. Notice that the rubber flares out slightly here, effectively increasing the diameter of the grip. BikeYoke tells us this gives the rider good tactile feedback as to where the end of the grip is. That could work well for those who ride with the palms placed centrally on the grip, but those who like to hang a portion of their palm off the edge may find this uncomfortable.

bikeyoke grippy grips orange

Pricing & Availability

The BikeYoke Grippy MTB Grips are available now in five colors, retailing at $25 USD per pair.

bikeyoke grippy mtb grips color options


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