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New BikeYoke Revive Max 34.9 dropper seatpost is bigger, badder in every way

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German specialty component brand BikeYoke has a new, bigger version of their innovative dropper seatpost. The unique Revive dropper post is the only post to offer a quick, on-the-fly reset button to equalize internal pressure and keep it moving smoothly. Now, with the new BikeYoke Revive Max, it’s also the only dropper post to be specifically designed from the ground up for the fatter 34.9 seatpost standard.

BikeYoke Revive Max 34.9mm dropper seatpost

Bigger seatpost diameters mean stronger, more reliable seatposts. The same goes for dropper posts. And everyone wants a smoother, longer lasting dropper. But every company so far who has offered a 34.9mm dropper has just popped the internals from their 30.9/31.6mm post into a fatter lower tube. Not only is the extra space and potential improvement wasted, but you end up with the same small 25mm upper stanchion that looks a bit odd sticking out of an almost 35mm lower.

The problem is, it’s expensive to develop different dropper internals for every seatpost diameter, so most companies stick to the most in demand 30.9 & 31.6mm sizes. Those are close enough to share the same internals, which dramatically reduces R&D and manufacturing costs. Some have a separate option for 27.2mm bikes, but we are starting to see more bikes use a bigger 34.9mm seatpost size – like Specialized’s newest Enduro, the Evil Wreckoning, as well as bikes from Kona, Pyga, Liteville & more.

The visual difference between the Revive 31.6 (top) is obvious compared to the Revive Max 34.9mm below it.

BikeYoke is the first to go back to the drawing board to design (and, more importantly, manufacture) a dropper where everything is scaled up for the bigger diameter. The result is that the new Revive Max 34.9mm dropper seatpost gets an upsized 28mm stanchion and internals to work with the larger diameter.

That extra girth makes everything better, and lets them go longer. BikeYoke says the new Revive Max 185mm drop post is now “longer, stiffer, stronger & more reliable, than everything else on the market”. And since its design is optimized for the bigger diameter, it’s also lighter than most of the other options available. At 530g for a 125mm travel version and 630g for 185mm, it’s also pretty light compared to 30.9/31.6mm posts too.

The post gets all of the same tech as the original Revive, so it is easy to reset the hydraulics, with no need to ever worry about a bouncy dropper. They even added a tool-free mini reset lever that debuted over the summer when the long 185mm travel option was added.

The Max post comes in 125, 160 & 185mm travel versions. Starting at 389€ for the shortest with a remote and up to 459€ for the longest, the Revive Max 34.9mm dropper is available direct from BikeYoke. Pre-order now for delivery in the middle of March 2018. Wondering which length to buy? Check our tech post on how to choose the right dropper seatpost travel!




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