Taiwanese tool maker Birzman has a number of new gadgets coming our way in the new year, set to make everything from regular at-home maintenance to storing your bike easier, plus even some shop-specific tools too. There are tubeless tire specific tools, a compact internal cable routing kit, rotor wear & e-bike-specific tools, plus a combination home workstand that will hold your bike between rides…

Birzman tools for the home & professional bike mechanic

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

This mega Wedge Wedge 2.0 tire lever is a good example of Birzman’s gadgets, designed to offer some extra leverage to pry stubborn tubeless tires on & off. The notch in the end of the fixed lever is placed over the opposite side of the rim bead, then the hook grabs the stubborn tire bead, stretching it over the rim – pulling the tire, instead of prying against the rim. The long body offers plenty of leverage, plus enough room to squeeze in road, gravel, and XC-sized mountain bike tires. Birzman also has a new more traditional short set of one-piece Tubeless Tire Levers that have an integrated clip that can hook over the rim bead to ease tire installation.

Birzman Tubeless Repair Kit

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

The new Tubeless Repair Kit is a pretty common tubeless tire plug setup, but it all has been designed to fit into the casing shape of a standard small CO2 canister. That way it can be stored on the bike in typical C)2 carriers. The kit includes a files to roughen up the hole, a plug insertion needle, and a set of 5 plugs. Birzman will also likely sell it as a kit together with a CO2 cartridge, a thread-on inflator, and a carrier to mount to behind a bottle cage.

Birzman Internal Cable Routing Kit

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgetsTheir new Internal Cable Routing Kit also gets a sleek alloy case, that tucks enough cable/wire/housing end adapters to work with rim or hydraulic brakes and mechanical or electronic shift setups.

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

Everything fits inside the body of the 120mm long x 21mm diameter cylinder, then a strong magnet on one end or a flexible extension with a strong magnet on the other helps you guide the cables inside your frame, then retrieve them from the other end.

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

Besides the neat overall package, it also includes a spike/awl embedded in the end to clean up the opening of a freshly trimmed section of housing.

Birzman Halo Valve Head

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

The new Halo pump head is meant to be a simple, but low cost solution to work with both Presta & Schrader valves. Birzman says the reverse lever direction (clamp down to lock) is more intuitive, and works well to compress the internal O-ring for secure engagement/seal. A low-cost plastic version & more premium alloy lock version will be available.

Birzman Rotor Wear Indicator

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

The new Rotor Wear Indicator is a simple gauge to tell you how thick your braking surface is. Pick your brand of brakes and try to insert your rotor. If it fits, your rotor has worn beyond the recommended minimum thickness for that brake system, and should be replaced.

Birzman Bottom Bracket & Lockring Socket range

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

Birzman has made plenty of Bottom Bracket Sockets before, but now adds a few more to fit a wider range of bike setups, specifically catering to more e-bike standards. These will also be available in special home e-MTB tool kits designed to work with common e-bike systems.

Birzman Feexstand


Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

The new Feexstand is a combination bike repair stand and just a place to store your bike. Designed with a simple set of two legs on one side you can just hang your non-driveside chainstay & seatstay over the adjustable hooks to keep the bike upright….

Birzman Tool affordable tools and bike repair gadgets

Or flip the stand down and mount your bike with the front wheel removed like a Euro road pro mechanic stand. The Feexstand slides the fork mount back & forth to fit any front center length, resting the BB on a soft mount. Interchangeable endcaps on the front hub mount fit QR road, 12, 15 & 20mm thru-axles with standard or Boost spacing.

A few of the new tools & gadgets are already available, with the remainder set for early 2020 release, when retail pricing will also be made public.



  1. Greg on

    Rotor gauge won’t work in most situations. The very top edge of a rotor often doesn’t get worn, leaving a full width lip. Most Vernier calipers won’t work for that reason also. It has to be calipers with a “reach around” tip or micrometer.

    • mtbinavl on

      Just about every rotor has indentations on the outer edge of the braking surface. These are made to ‘break into’ this edge that gets built up over time that you referenced, so anyone can measure the brake wear with a set of calipers or this tool. If you know how to measure the rotor, then it’s totally fine.

  2. loptilf on

    Obviously every shop should have calipers, but that rotor wear indicator tool is going to be a must-have for every check-in station at the bike shop. It’s much easier to sell a customer on replacement when you have a tool from a third-party that basically says “pass” and “fail”

  3. Alex on

    The feexstand is clever but puts the bike at a very low working height. I see this as useful for someone living in an apartment with limited storage, if they don’t mind working on their knees.

  4. bmwt on

    An improved ‘Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack’ – so perhaps some needed additional changes to a design that has existed. Still unique – perhaps. These can be very helpful and keep up your spirits when being beaten down in frustration by stubborn tires. Much better to pull a tire up by its bead and then popping over a tight fitting rim wall than risk damaging a rim and bead with a metal tire lever.

    • barael on

      The integration with a regular tyre lever is neat but in comparison to the Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack it seems a bit flimsy and lacks the leverage you get from the much larger KS TBJ (which I own and love although rarely need to use these days).


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