Blaq Design Electro-Luminescent Messenger Bag

The boys at Blaq have been using electro-luminescent tape for a while now.  In 2011 they did custom panniers for Rob Tsunehiro and Silas Beebe’s Oregon Manifest bike (last bike in the post) that featured the E.L strips.  Since then, they have worked the blinky stuff into various other projects and custom bags.  I even spied some when I toured their shop.  Now that it’s perfected, they are official making it available as an $80 add on five different colors.  The E.L. lights are powered by 2 AA batteries, and will flash for around 60 hours.

If you’d like an E.L. bag of your own, you can join the Blaq Design mailing list by midnight on April 26th for a chance to win a custom creation fitted with the new E.L. strip.

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