Blix Ultra: New All-Terrain e-Fat Bike adds modular accessories for heavy loads or passengers

Blix just announced the Ultra, a new all-terrain fat tire e-bike designed for on- and off-road riding. The Santa Cruz-based bike manufacturer has primarily focused on cruisers and cargo-haulers until now. The Ultra seeks to shake that up as Blix officially enters the off-road adventure bike market.

Blix Ultra

All photos: c: Blix


The dual-purpose Blix Ultra comes with a modular design with plenty of practical utility features. For example, its loading capacity can carry up to 200lbs. That’s 150lbs in the rear and 50lbs in the front. That’s what we call some junk in the trunk!

Ultra also includes a lengthy list of high-performance specs. It features a solid 750w rear hub motor with 90Nm torque, making it one of the most powerful hub motors available.

It also has dual batteries, offering a ride range of up to 80 miles per charge, thanks to its 1,344Wh capacity. And it has a top cruising speed of 28 mph, a 5-level pedal assist, and an easy-to-manage throttle.

The Blix Ultra is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, and large 4″ tires to carry the rider and cargo through whatever terrain they seek to ride.

Blix Ultra

Opt for a single 672-Wh or dual batteries for 1.3 kW for up to 80 miles of riding per charge.

“The Ultra concept was to design an all-terrain e-bike that is practical enough to fit into your day, furthering our mission to integrate health and activity into everyday life,” says Blix founder and CEO Pontus Malmberg. “This is the most capable and versatile e-bike we’ve built, and it will bring a lot of value and differentiation to the table.”


Also central to the Ultra is its connectivity to Blix Connect. This platform is built on the Blix app and is accessible by Bluetooth. It helps complement riders’ experience by providing access to numerous features. Some of these include; ride data, community connectivity, and over-the-air firmware updates when needed.

Blix Ultra

“Connectivity is central in Blix’s product strategy and unlocks a whole new level of user experience and product improvements,” adds Malmberg.


Blix Ultra

Blix Ultra Specs

  • Dual 48V batteries (1,344Wh) 80 miles, Single 48V battery 40 miles (672Wh)
  • Top speeds – Class 3: 28 mph and Class 2: 20mph
  • 5-level pedal assist and throttle, speed sensor
  •  Rear hub, 750W continuous output, 90Nm torque
  • 8 gears, Hydraulic Disc-Brakes, 26 x 4″ knobby fat tires
  • Front Suspension with 80mm travel and lockout
  • Front light with 80 LUX.
  • The display on handlebars connects to the Blix app through Bluetooth
  • Modular design for cargo holds up to 50lbs and 150lbs on the back for cargo or 2nd passenger
  • Fenders, heavy-duty rear rack including rear light, wheel guard, and footpegs available as accessories
  • Available in Slate Gray, Sage Green, and White
  • Launch Price: $2,399 – dual battery, $1,999 – single battery
  • Estimated shipping: July 2022

Blix is now accepting Ultra pre-orders, find out more on their website.

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