Bold Linkin 150 LT model coming soon with 160mm travel fork

Bold Cycles will soon release an over-forked version of their Linkin trail bike; like the current models it has the capacity to run 135mm or 150mm rear wheel travel by switching the link out, but the Linkin 150 LT will boast a 160mm travel fork out front for more aggressive trail or enduro riding, whichever you choose to call it.

Bold Linkin 150 LT

bold linkin 150 lt

The new Bold Linkin 150 LT is due in Spring 2023. We were pretty stoked on this olive green one with a color-matched RockShox Lyrik, on display at Eurobike.

It has to be said, Bold Cycles had some of the more interesting mountain bikes of Eurobike 2022. The Swiss brand has an uncommon approach to suspension design, whereby the rear shock is hidden away inside the front triangle, out of harms way. Their design went a little more mainstream in 2019 when Bold Cycles joined the Scott Sports Group. The result of that partnership was of course the 120mm travel Scott Spark which hides the rear shock inside the seat tube.

Bold Cycles are continuing to operate as their own brand however, releasing the Bold Linkin 150 at the end of 2021 wherein the rear shock slots into the downtube in a horizontal fashion. It runs a VPP-linkage delivering 135mm or 150mm of rear wheel travel, dependent on which link you choose. All of the launch models paired that rear wheel travel with a 150mm fork, but now there is a new complete build option on the way which serves up a 160mm fork; the Linkin 150 LT.

bold linkin 150 lt with 160mm fork

The Bold Linkin 150 LT will get a 160mm travel RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork (44mm offset) with Charger 3 damper. Full Spec list below…

bold linkin 150 lt spec list

As you might imagine, the longer travel fork slackens off the head and seat tube angles and raises the bottom bracket height a touch. The Bold Linkin 150 LT goes to a slack 63.8° head angle (in the low flip-chip position) with the seat tube going to 76.9° in a size medium. The BB falls to 343mm. Across the S-XL size range, reach figures stretch from 418.4mm up to 513.4mm.

bold linkin 150 lt geometry chart

Bold had a bare frame on display to show off some of the interesting details.

bold linkin frame downtube cover opens shock cavity and frame storage compartment

A cover on the underside of the downtube can be removed to access the shock; from here you can adjust air pressure. Rear shock behavior can be switched between three modes using the handlebar-mounted TracLoc remote. There is a full open mode, and lock-out mode, and a Traction Mode which not only adds compression damping to firm up the shock, but also changes the spring curve to sit the bike higher with 1/3 less travel for improved climbing characteristics.

bold linkin 150 travel indicator

Given that you can’t see the shaft of the rear shock, Bold include a travel indicator on the non-drive side that is centered about the main pivot which sits concentric to the bottom bracket. The area at the bottom left of this image is where a multi-tool can be stored, too, though a Eurobike visitor had wandered off with this one.

bold linkin downtube tool storage

Removing the downtube cover also reveals the “Save the Day Kit” which includes a mini pump, spare tube & tire levers. The rear axle is also home to tool with a T25, T30 and a 6mm Allen key.

Keep an eye out for the Bold Linkin 150 LT due in Spring 2023.

I should mention here that Bold did have another bike at their Eurobike booth. However, it was only viewable from inside a very small, dark room wherein thunder and lightning was rumbling, via a very narrow slat in the wall that allowed for a shrouded view of a bicycle-shaped object sat within a room that seemed to be filled with smoke. Way to build curiosity, eh! You can read Tyler’s thoughts on what that could be here.

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