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Booq, Bigo & Wolffepack: New Backpack Design Roundup

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Bigo-CasualCarrying gear on the body the challenge that never seems to be perfectly solved, at least in the mind of entrepreneurs that continuously tackle new ways to make it better. Booq brings us a bag that is classy and waterproof, Bigo brings us a bag that can also double as a poncho or blanket and wolffepack brings us access to our gear without removing the pack.

Check out the ideas to make your ride a bit more convenient…

Booq makes a huge range of bags for cycling, photography, laptops and other electronic devices. The newest in their collection, Boa nerve stealth is a messenger bag made from a heavy duty material that is waterproof and looks pretty classy.  It features a magnetic strap attachment system that is very fast to connect, and compartments to keep everything organized and in its place.

Booq-StealthAimed at the modern tech-savvy cyclist, the bag features a laptop pocket and phone pocket, as well as U-lock and water bottle storage.  The reflectivity is stealthily built in with a black material, hence the name “stealth”. Available for $195 from www.booqbags.com

Bigo’s Bag Five is more than a bag, it can be a picnic blanket or rain poncho by just moving a few things around, or you can even zip multiple bags together to haul something enormous.  Weighing only 850 grams and water resistant, it can also be easily packed away to always have with you if you need to carry something in a pinch.


The Five is currently on Indiegogo, about 20% of the way towards making its funding goal, and it appears you can still get in on the early deal of $139

Namesake David Wolffe quit his day job to develop the wolffepack backpack. The wolffepack backpack contains a patent-pending “orbital trapeze” technology called the expetoSYSTEM. Watch the video, its something that has to be seen to be understood.


Available in two styles, the Metro is a bit larger and sleeker looking while the Escape is a bit more rugged with a few extra features. You can join the wolffepack for £85, it’s just getting started on Kickstarter, but already exceeding the goal to raise £30,000 to fund the first production run.




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9 years ago

Small design flaw: Where do I put all my stuff when I wear it as a poncho?

Way to think outside the box anyway.

King County
King County
9 years ago

The first sentence of the article speaks volumes.

Bigo team
9 years ago

Dear JoeNJ, the solution is Bigo Angel Sack. Please check the details on the indiegogo link pasted to the article. We are keen on learning your remarks, doubts and questions. Thanks Bikerurmor to enable us for it.

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