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Boost progression of Ripmo, Reign and Offering V2 w/ Cascade Components Custom Links

cascade components ibis ripmo v2 aftermarket link increases progression 28%
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Suspension linkage manufacturers Cascade Components have added aftermarket links for Ibis, Evil and Giant. Owners of the Ripmo V2, Ripmo AF, Offering V2 and 2018-2020 Reign can now take advantage of more progressive links, said to provide more suppleness off the top of the stroke and more ramp toward the end of the travel. Here are the leverage curves and ratios you’ll be wanting to pore over.

Cascade Links for Ibis Ripmo V2 and AF

cascade components ibis ripmo v2 aftermarket link increases progression 28%

These are the first Ibis links we’ve seen from Cascade Components, designed to be swapped in for the upper link and shock yoke of the DW suspension platform. The aftermarket link for the V2 comprises both of these parts, whereas the conversion for the Ripmo AF requires only the upper link.

ibis ripmo v2 aftermarket link cascade components silver black

In its stock configuration, the Ibis Ripmo V2 runs a leverage curve with 19% overall progression. Switching out the link for the Cascade Components link increases that to 28%, whilst maintaining the travel at 148mm. Cascade often try to increase rear wheel travel as well as progression, but in the case of the Ripmo V2 their ability to do this was limited due to a lack of clearance.

ibis ripmo v2 leverage curve versus cascade components aftermarket link

The new link eliminates the section of the leverage curve that is essentially flat. Cascade say “you can expect the suspension to feel more supple off the top, more willing to move up and over obstacles, and then smoothly ramp up as the shock moves through its stroke“.

The link does alter geometry, albeit very subtly. The bottom bracket height gets lower by about 3 mm, slackening the bike by about 0.25°. The brand are advising riders not to fixate on these numbers too much, though. The additional mid-stroke support is said to result in the bike riding a little higher in its travel over terrain where the suspension is getting put to work.

cascade components ibis ripmo af upper link replacement

Due to the reduced bulk of the Ripmo AF around the BB lower rear triangle area, Cascade Components were able to take a slightly different approach with the aftermarket link. All that is needed here is the upper link, which alters the progression from 19% to 31% and increases the travel to 151mm. 

ibis ripmo af leverage curve versus cascade components custom link

Retaining the bike’s stock shock yoke allowed them to increase the Ripmo AF’s travel while also making it more progressive than the Ripmo V2. 

Cascade Link for Evil Offering V2

cascade components suspension link for evil offering v2

The new Cascade Components link for the 140mm travel Evil Offering V2 does much the same job as their aftermarket link for the V1 Offering; that’s because the two bikes have almost identical leverage curves. It essentially removes the flat portion of the curve that exists at around 50% through the travel, increasing the progression from 23% up to 35%.

evil offering v2 stock link versus cascade components custom aftermarket link leverage curve comparison

Cascade Link for 2018-2020 Giant Reign

cascade components custom link 2018-2020 giant reign 27.5"

Cascade Components’ link for the 2018-2020 27.5″ Giant Reign requires a small shock extender in addition to the rocker that forms part of this Horst-Link suspension platform. Due to clearance reasons, travel is maintained at 162mm, though the link has a rather dramatic effect on the bike’s leverage curve.

The custom link removes the flat part of the leverage curve, continuing progression right to the end of the stroke changing the overall progression from 19% to 36%. This large increase in progression is said to be quite noticeable while the link also massively improves small bump sensitivity and bottom out resistance.

Pricing & Availability

All custom links from Cascade Components are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminium in the USA, and all come with sealed Enduro Max bearings already pressed in. 

The custom link for the Ibis Ripmo V2 retails at $332 USD and is available in black and silver. As the link for the Ripmo AF requires just the upper link (not the yoke, too) it is much cheaper, retailing at $206 USD, also available in black and silver.

cascade components evil offering v2 custom link increases progression

The Evil Offering V2 custom link is available in black, silver and orange. Pick it up for $249 USD. 

Finally, the custom link for the 2018-2020 27.5″ Giant Reign is available in black and silver only. It will set you back $366 USD.


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2 years ago

Cascade Components has been crushing it lately with intelligent designs combined with beautiful CNC machined parts. Well done! again.

Urmas Armas
2 years ago

Giant Reign does NOT have horst-link suspension

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