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New Bosch Tour+ Mode Has Auto Assist Adjustment, But You’ve Gotta Work For It

Bosch Performance Line CX e-MTB updates
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Do you want eMTB software that only helps you when you need it? Maybe something that optimizes range so you can get further into the gnar?

Bosch has you covered with its new Tour+ mode, which automatically adds or reduces assistance in the choppy stuff and on climbs, then backs off on flatter terrain. The result is increased assistance when you need it, with the bonus of increased range and a more natural feel when riding.

Bosch Tour+ mode for Performance Line CX ebikes
Photos c. Bosch

“With the Tour+ riding mode, eBike riders who like to exert themselves a little more and put more of their own effort into pedaling get a comfort-oriented and range-optimized support level,” said Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems.

“There is no need to switch between the familiar modes; riders can devote themselves completely to their eBike experience and enjoy maximum riding pleasure.”

Bosch Tour+ Tech Overview and Availability

The new mode, which is available as an update to bikes with the Performance Line CX motor system, improves on the platform’s eMTB mode introduced a few years ago. It used to be that the rider had to manually switch between assisted and non-assisted riding. But Tour+ mode adjusts power automatically by monitoring your pedal pressure more than 1,000 times per second. It then gauges how hard you’re pedaling and adjusts the motor’s assistance accordingly.

Hammering up a steep climb or rampaging through a technical section? You’ll get more power from the bike to get you through it. Coasting on the flats, it’ll dial things back so you do more of the work. It’s constantly adjusting the assistance level, with the goal being to provide a more natural pedaling feel. Consequently, you do work a bit harder on less aggressive terrain.
The upside? It helps preserve battery life for when you really need it, extending your range and letting you focus on the ride rather than toggling modes.

bosch e-bike tour+ data

You can use Tour+ mode if you have a Performance Line CX ebike motor. To learn more about the system and learn whether your specific bike is compatible with the upgrade, check out the Performance Line CX page.

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