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Boyd’s new lenticular shaped TT wheel fights real-world wind, in disc & rim brake form

BOYD TT wheel disc
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In a time trial, you’re racing against the clock and you need all the speed you can get. That means crafting the most aerodynamic silhouette and making calculated gear choices for big-time gains. For nearly all, this means a solid disc wheel on the rear of your TT set up to combat the wind and convert every watt into forward momentum.

BOYD TT wheel disc full

Boyd wheels know a thing or two about wheels and aerodynamics having manufactured everything from gravel, road, and mountain bike wheels. The newest offering to the Boyd wheel line is an updated TT wheel, available in both rim and disc brake configurations.

BOYD TT wheel non-drive cover

The new wheel was developed together with aerodynamicist and professional cyclist Chris Uberti. The team put in hours of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) work to create the fastest possible wheel, whether on a disc or rim brake frame.


Lenticular shape for real-world challenges

The new TT wheel from Boyd features a unique lenticular shape that helps the wheel maintain a slippery shape in rotation and differing wind conditions. Boyd performed rounds of CFD testing with rotating wheels to optimize for higher speed riding (20mph+) in wind conditions between 0 and 10 degrees of wind angle (yaw angle).

This scenario represents 70%+ of riding conditions on a very windy TT course and 90%+ of riding conditions under normal wind conditions. The lenticular angled disc wheel is optimized for going fast on real roads with real challenges.

The rim has a slightly conservative 19mm internal width and is tubeless ready from the start. Boyd claims to have made the choice to keep the rim width slightly narrow to maximize the intended tire size: 23-28mm.

BOYD TT wheel cover

Another upgrade is the valve cover, no more stickers to cover holes in the wheel. Boyd updated the new TT wheels to have a simple screw-in body over the valve access point.

BOYD TT wheel shape

The new TT wheel comes in both disc brake and rim brake versions. Each has the same shape, and lenticular angled design. The only difference is the hub and braking surface on the rim brake wheels. The rim brake version employs Boyd’s textured braking surface to give maximum stopping power when needed.

BOYD TT wheel rim brake

The disc brake wheel uses a center lock Boyd hub, similar to the ones used on the Boyd Podium road wheels. Both wheels are available in Shimano and SRAM XDR freehub body.

BOYD TT wheel hub

Boyd TT wheel Specs

Rim width: 19mm (optimized for tires between 23mm to 28mm)
Weight: 1170 grams disc brake / 1120 grams rim brake
Rotor Interface: Centerlock

Each wheel includes:

  • Rear skewer and brake pads for rim brake version
  • Centerlock Rotor Shims for disc brake version
  • Disc Pump Wheel Adapter
  • Tubeless valve (without the tubeless wingnut as you can’t spin the wingnut inside the disc opening)

Price: $1650 (either rim brake or disc brake version)
Availability: In stock


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Dave Mohr
Dave Mohr
10 months ago

Lenticular wheels have been around for decades…nothing new here

10 months ago
Reply to  Dave Mohr

Can you point to a disc brake disc wheel that’s more than 4 years old?

10 months ago
Reply to  Dave Mohr

if yo add a chain cover the aerodynamic benefits are far better…

10 months ago

Lenticular means double convex but this looks very flat surfaced to me. Weird marketing.

10 months ago

“Boyd wheels know a thing or two about wheels and aerodynamics”…Hambini is having a conniption right about now!

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