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Bracketron Mounts New Options for Aiming GoPro, Contour & More

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Bracketron Xventure line of universal action camera mounts for GoPro, Contour, Sony Action Cam, Garmin Virb, and Drift Ghost cameras

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (CES) this week, Minnesota-based Bracketron has announced several  additions to their Xventure POV camera mounts. The wide range of mounts are available based on both the now-becoming-standard GoPro interface, as well as the traditional 1/4″ (1/4-20) camera mount, making them a one-stop-shop for all of your personal sports camera mounting needs. Bracketron’s 360-degree rotating ball joint interface is their most unique and useful feature, as it will allow you to easily line up the perfect shots no matter which camera you are using or what it’s mounted to. This will be especially welcome news for anyone who has tried lining up their camera straight ahead on the swept back portion of a handlebar or on the non-parallel vents of a helmet, let alone for those of us trying to set up a unique view.

Click through past the break for more on their solutions to your mounting worries…

Bracketron universal action camera mounts, including the Xventure Unipro Adapter for GoPro cameras, the 1/4inch Traditional Camera Adapter, and the Xventure Vented Helmet Strap mount
L to R: UniPro Adapter, 1/4″ Adapter, and Helmet Strap Mount

The most interesting addition is new Xventure helmet mount with an adjustable strap-type mount and their 360-degree interface. It makes it possible to set up your camera on helmets that might otherwise cause alignment problems because of vent layout and orientation. Even better, it should allow you to mount your camera on almost any frame tube, expanding placement options across your entire bike!

Other new products include the UniPro Adapter, which simply allows you to attach your GoPro style camera to any other accessory based on the old standard 1/4″ camera mount. Also there is the Xlip, a basic clothespin-type clamp with the 360-degree interface that will help you set up any stationary shot you could imagine, and a Chest Harness based on the GoPro interface that will also have available a small adapter to use with the traditional 1/4″ camera mount.

Bracketron universal action camera mounts, including the Xventure Xlip, the Xventure Chest Haress, Xveture Vented Helmet Strap mounts
L to R: Xlip, Chest Harness, and Helmet Mounts

Final pricing has yet to be announced and availability is still a few months out this spring, but we can expect it to be in line with their previous offerings of about $20 for the Unipro Adapter and $25-50 for handlebar, helmet, and clip mounts.

The Bracketron Xventure mounts look to provide an affordable array of camera mounting alternatives to expand the creative possibilities of your cycling videos. And more options are always a good thing.

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10 years ago

I was interested in the helmet mount, but I don’t think it is tall enough….

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