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The Original Off-Road Adventure Saddle: Springy Brooks B72 is Back in Production

Brooks England B72 on bike lean(Photo/Brooks England)
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Since 1866, iconic bicycle saddle maker, Brooks England has been producing bike saddles. In that time they’ve removed and added different models. Today, they announced that they brought back the B72 to their leather line-up. And the iconic, early MTB saddle is available now.

Brooks England B72 old school mtb
(Photo/Brooks England)

Wait, how long have they been making saddles? Let’s do the math, 2023 minus 1866, carry the one… jeez… Brooks has been producing bike saddles for 157 years. That’s a long time, kids. I’d go out on a limb and say that they know a thing or two about manufacturing a quality leather bike saddle.

The Brooks B72

Brooks England B72 under carriage

Brooks first launched the B72 way back in the 1930’s. Its refined loop suspension helped add a touch of comfort for the upright cyclist who gravitated “toward unhurried touring”. It was lighter than other sprung saddles, and it became the saddle of choice for road tourers and old-school MTB riders.

Brooks England B72 Outta the saddle

As mentioned before, the B72 played a big part in the birth of mountain biking. Back before the days of full suspension and plastic… err, I mean, carbon-fiber frames, there were some daredevil hippies out there riding their bikes off-road, exploring the terrain and the limits of their (often pieced together) steeds.

Brooks England B72 from the rear

The Brooks B72 saddle was the top choice of the cyclists who built the sport and stood up to the demands of those mountain bike pioneers. Equipped with a dual-rail, the B72 uses the shock-damping loop suspension that made it a fixture at early MTB races and rides.

Brooks England B72 on a bike from the side

Today, this saddle would be great for that perfect finishing touch on a vintage Klunker restoration project. Or as a saddle for a modern ATB bike, like say, my Rivendell Gus Boots Willsen. It would also be great for a long-distance touring bike or a bike used for adventurous city exploring, allowing you to do so in comfort and style.

Brooks England B72 studio with packaging

The saddle uses tubular rivets in its construction, as well as a vegetable-tanned leather top, and a twin-rail steel frame. the B72 is ideal for casual touring, upright cycling in the city, and for use with classic bicycles.

If you register your new saddle within 3 months of the date of purchase, Brooks will extend the 2-year warranty to a whopping 10-year warranty.

Brooks B72 Features and Retail

Retail: $190

  • Durable, 5mm vegetable-tanned leather
  • Tubular steel rivets
  • Distinctive side stamp
  • Iconic Brooks backplate
  • Springs for added comfort


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4 months ago

The Brooks is cool, but I want to know more about the rad frame and fork : )

4 months ago
Reply to  jon

it’s a Stooge Cycles Speedbomb. From the UK.


4 months ago
Reply to  Tucker

Yep, the Stooge looks identical. Is the Rivendell Gus Boots Willsen.really just a catalog frame? This will break Ron’s heart..

4 months ago

Missing a rather important note about rail compatibility and the fact that you need a seat sandwich or nasty swaged 7/8″ seatpost, and not compatible with seatposts that clamp from the side.

4 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

really in 2023 it should be coming with a seat sandwich

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