Brooks Swift Eroica XXV celebrates 25 years of retro road rides with limited edition leather saddle

Brooks England’s most modern leather Swift saddle gets a new XXV limited edition commemorating 25 years of Eroica making gravel riding on retro road bikes cool again. Brooks and Eroica both share a similar ethos, in one direction continuing to evolve and cater to modern road & gravel cyclists, while still holding true to the traditional handmade character of classic road bikes.

Brooks Swift Eroica XXV leather saddle

Brooks Swift Eroica XXV limited edition leather saddle, 25th anniversary

c. Brooks England

Giancarlo Brocci really dreamed up the modern idea of riding old steel road bikes with old-spec components on modern road & gravel in Tuscany back in 1997 with the first L’Eroica ride. Now 25 years later, Eroica has grown beyond Italy to include events across Europe, the US South Africa & Japan each year. And now it has even expanded to include options for riders on modern bikes too – because not everyone is a retro-grouch, and not everyone can afford to keep a 35-year-old bike running for just a couple of events a year.

Brooks Swift Eroica XXV limited edition leather saddle, old bike

But a Brooks Swift saddle is the perfect modern interpretation of the Eroica ethos. Brooks has even been a Eroica partner for almost 20 years at this point.

Tech details

Brooks Swift Eroica XXV limited edition leather saddle, side

Sure, it’s a new narrow road racing saddle, but handmade of leather with a steel rail cradle, it’s the same construction that Brooks England has been using since 1866.

Brooks Swift Eroica XXV limited edition leather saddle, top

The special edition saddle gets the standard Swift 150mm wide x 272mm long shape, with a 5mm thick brown leather top decorated with laser-etched XXV graphics. The 510g vegetable tanned leather saddle with hammered copper rivets is built for a lifetime, shaping to your own butt as you ride for a fit Brooks enthusiasts swear by.

Brooks Swift Eroica – Limited Availability

Brooks Swift Eroica XXV limited edition leather saddle, laser-etched top detail

Only 100 of the Swift Eroica XXV leather saddles have been made, so act fast if you need to update your historical Bici Eroiche for the next event. The $210 / 175£ / 190€ limited edition Brooks Swift Eroica saddle is available only through the Brooks England online store, while supplies last.

Then, maybe sign up for the 26th running of the original L’Eroica event back to Gaiole in Chianti, next October, since this year is already sold out.

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