Carl Strong is legend within the custom bicycle frame building industry for good reason – he’s been running a successful, profitable business for more than 20 years. He leads seminars, coaches younger builders, and most importantly, leads an industry in running his business as a real business, not a passion play. That’s a mistake so many entrepreneurs make. Sometimes, that allows for a great lifestyle business, but if you want to build a real company that’s highly profitable and capable of growing, Carl’s two decades of lessons are distilled into this episode.

Carl Strong podcast interview

On top of that, he’s launching a new, ready-made brand of carbon fiber bikes with a partner, which will focus on limited runs of a single model at a time. And it’ll be high end, which caters to a customer that’s not arguing over price, which lets them focus on building something great. Whether you’re getting into the bicycle business or not, this episode is packed full of amazing advice for any entrepreneur!

For full show notes, links and more photos, read the full blog post on The Build Cycle!

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