Burley Recalls Bike Trailers with Plastic Tow Bar Receiver

Burley-Recall_affected-Cub_ 2013-2015

Together with the CPSC, Burley Design is in the process of recalling and updating seven models of their child bicycle trailers made between 2009 and 2015 and sold in the US and Canada. The problem is with a plastic receiver on a wide range of their trailers where the tow bar attaches, and can fail without warning. The fix is relatively simple and includes the addition of a secondary safety strap to ensure the tow bar does doesn’t separate from the trailer while riding, but it is serious enough that they say to stop riding until it is fixed. Hop past the break for more details…

Burley-Recall_affected-Solo_2010–2012 Burley-Recall_Plastic-Tow-Bar-Receiver-detail

The trailers affected include the Cub, Rental Cub, D’Lite, D’Lite ST, Encore, Solo, and Solo ST, from about $300-700 retail. The recalled trailers can be fairly easily identified by the use of a black plastic tow bar receiver (the small wing-like element on the side of the trailers that the aluminum tow bar connects to; see above) with an integrated wheel guard. Trailers with aluminum tow bar receivers are not affected.

Burley has tracked at least 35 reports of failure, with two incidents resulting in minor scrapes to the kids inside. So if you have one of these trailers get it fixed asap. Burley is remedying the issue with a free safety strap kit, including tools and instructions for use, plus a 20% discount coupon for any Burley accessories. Full details of the recall and the serial numbers affected can be found at the CPSC’s dedicated page.

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