JensonUSA bicycle mail order sponsors Bikerumor Interbike 2017 coverageBikepacking is all the rage – but what are you to do if you want to bring everything including the kitchen sink? Bring a trailer. Maybe something like the new Burley single wheeled trailer which should drop next spring with the Coho and Coho XC. Both offer various methods of storing gear when packing your bike and fit most bikes thanks to its Variable Width Yoke.

Burley CohoBurley Coho Variable Width Yoke

The Variable Width Yoke allows its dropout mounts to adjust to frame widths ranging from 125-197mm. The mounting surfaces connect to their Dual Ball Hitch system which places a ball on either end of the rear quick release. This connection allows for one-handed installation of the trailer and provides smooth movement at the axle. Further, when stopped a wide center stand folds down below the front end to prevent the trailer from tipping. Both models have a 75lb load capacity and weigh under 20lbs.

Burley Coho Accessories

First look: Burley Coho

Out of the box, the Coho comes as a simple aluminum frame with sidewalls and a bottom. It can be quickly converted into a mule with a large internal drybag, pannier bags and cargo net. But even without the bags, it offers a large storage area. The rear wheel is a 16 x 1.75″ tire and is removed with a quick release. Anticipated price is $350.

Burley Coho XCBurley Coho XC Shock

First look: Burley Coho XC

The Coho XC adds a bit of offroad ruggedness to the trailer with a ~3″ coil shock in the back and fits up to a 16 x 3″ tire. The stock tire size is 16 x 2.125″ and is removed via quick release. Optional accessories include an internal dry bag, pannier bags, rear pannier rack (prevent rear wheel contact with packs), and side and top ladders. Expected price is $420.

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  1. Earl on

    Interesting. I like the trailer concept, as I did a self-contained tour pulling a Topeak trailer along Route 66 last year and across the Northern Peninsula of Michigan in 2013. Nice idea, but looks like it could be heavy. You have to remember the more you can carry the heavier it gets. Not necessarily a good thing on a self-contained tour.

  2. JBikes on

    On the coho xc, I’d be afraid to catch the front edge when off-road. Seems really low, then add in terrain and suspension compression

  3. Brian Henley on

    I like the design. As a bike packer looks bitter equipped than the BOB. Stronger for long rides with extra cargo room.
    Weight of the trailer and strength are two main concerns of a single wheel trailer.

  4. Ken on

    I am sure that this trailer is a very robust and well thought out carriage.

    We rode across the USA towing our 80lb malamute, plus 10litres of water, in a Di lite trailer.

  5. Rodger on


    As a Double Sided Attachment vs a single side attachment it is engineered to be also used with Recumbent Trikes. Thus making it a more marketable single wheel trailer ( a single wheel trailer is not an item that a trike rider wants because it breaks the trikes frame ).

    I would opt to change the tyre/ wheel to one that has less “drag”.

    I currently have 406 Big Apples on my Burley Cargo Trailer.

    • Burley SoHo Rancid on

      I got both tire/wheel options. I’ll use Maxxis HookWorm 16×2 tire for the tarmac, but throw the 16×3 semi-fat-plus tire on there for snow-runs, in the snow. I am so excite.


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