Shamal Mille 17

With the increasing number of road riders preferring the benefits of wider tire profiles, Campagnolo has taken their recently released wider Shamal C17 wheels and married them to their premium ceramic-surfaced Shamal Milles. The new Shamal Mille C17 wheelset now lets you have that wider profile with improved braking.

Check out the details and specs of the new wider aluminum flagship Shamal Mille C17 wheels and what makes them so special…


We saw Campagnolo’s new wider Shamal Ultra C17 wheels back in March and then they showed off the Shamal Millie which was their Shamal C15 wheelset with a new ceramic surface technology that improves braking this past July. The ceramic coating of the Shamal Mille is permeated into the rim’s surface and is said to improve braking performance in all conditions, wet or dry. The coating also adds an attractive black tone to the rim to give them a more menacing look.


The wider profile of the C17 improves the rim’s compatibility with the growing number of 25 & 28mm tires. This allows not only more traction and an improved ride but can reduce rolling resistance on less than perfect surfaces and improve aerodynamics over the more standard C15’s width.

The 1459 g Shamal Mille C17 wheels use their MoMag technology that eliminates the need for a rim strip and incorporates their 2-Way fit system so both standard and road tubeless tires will work. You also get their signature G3 spoke arrangement, USB ceramic bearings, and oversized aerodynamic spokes. One unique feature I’ve appreciated in the past is their “Rim Dynamic Balance technology which is essentially a “balanced” wheelset (like on your car) making those high-speed descents more stable than ever.

● Differentiated rim height
● G3™ Spoke pattern
● MoMag™ technology
● Oversized driveside flange
● USB™ ceramic bearings
● 2-Way Fit™ profile
● Oversize Aerodynamic Aluminum spokes
● New advanced C17 optimized rim


  1. Kernel Flickitov on

    3 headlines people are waiting for from Campy:

    ‘EPS goes wireless!’, ‘Disc brakes now available’, and ‘Aluminum mod/retro grouppo in the Super Record line unveiled’.

  2. Tim on

    I fail to see anything positive about three spokes clustered together in one spot on the rim while another section as a result is completely unsupported. This design also makes it harder to true wheels.

    • Dominic on

      In practice it seems to work very well. They’re comparatively less trouble than the relatively equivalent Mavic. They’re pretty strong rims so anything you can’t fix on the truing stand would IME be just as bad with a more standard spoke pattern. They’re not perfect by any means, but having ridden them for a week, they are hard to fault. It’s kind of an odd set of solutions, but it does work out to be better than the sum of its parts, much like the old Neutrons. Both feel lighter than a scale suggests, and are more punchy than their spoke counts and apparently crude aero would suggest.

    • Al on

      The g3 spoke lacing makes a load of sense, it makes for an amazingly stiff wheel and balanced wheel, that never needs truing..

      • TimB on

        except for hen it does need truing then its a royal pain to get straight without creatng a hop in the rim. Heaven help you if you break a spoke….

  3. Craig on

    Yes, I’ve also had good success owning many G3 campag wheelsets on different bikes as well as selling dozens to customers over the years. Very reliable.

  4. CL on

    from their website: “(…) by adding a special 3d spiral design to improve even further the braking surface.” So that means not only they updated the rim profile but as well the brake track? Anyone knows if this already is in the current 15C Mille?

  5. Mark on

    There’s no benefit to the clustering, but the 2:1 ratio is simple genius and they are amazingly reliable. I’m 180# and have a pair of Campy Eurus G3 wheels I bought in 2006 with more than 60,000 km on them. I’ve broken spokes twice, and those are the only times I’ve had to true them. No problems.

  6. lonefrontranger on

    I ran G3 wheels for years, including for cyclocross. They are incredibly bombproof. That said, I sold all my Campag stuff with my last rim brake bike three years ago and have run SRAM hydraulic disc ever since. When, or if, Campag ever comes through with an EPS hydro solution, I might reconsider.

  7. Alex on

    Is Campy making the Shamal in Asia, or is it making it in Italy? And I don’t mean just building the wheel. I mean where the rims and hubs are actually made.


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