Two of Campagnolo’s longest running wheelsets get improvements to braking surfaces, albeit with different technologies, and the Bora series also gains wider rims and more aerodynamic shapes.

The new Shamal Mille takes their top level alloy wheel and imbues it with a new braking surface treatment that ups the friction for better performance. Called Mille, the treatment permeates the metal of the rim to create a rougher, more durable surface. As a bonus, Mille is compatible with their Red carbon brake pads, so if you choose to train on these and race on carbon wheels (like the Bora!), you won’t have to swap out brake pads every time you swap wheels, saving you time for an extra run to the Porta-Jon before lining up. Wheel and rim detail shots below.

If you’re an all carbon, all the time kinda rider, then the new Bora’s should look pretty good…


2015 Campagnolo Shamal Mille’s new braking surface gives them a blacked out look.


The Shamal’s are available in Tubular and 2-Way Fit clinchers that work with standard and Road Tubeless tires. Available with both Campy and Shimano/SRAM freehubs.


Bora One 35

Campy’s 3Diamante braking surface was introduced on the Bora Ultra 35 wheels recently, and now it makes it’s way to the 50-series, too. The tech is a special fiber weave construction on the braking surface that’s diamond polished to remove any resin or layup imperfections, leaving a perfectly flat surface of fibers to grab their specifically designed pads.

To improve aerodynamics, the tubular rims were stretched from 20.5mm to 24.2mm. Not only does this allow for a wider tire to be run, which improves traction and comfort, but let them improve the overall system shape to make it faster and stiffer. The wider cross section made it stronger, so they were able to use less material and save weight, too. Win, win, win.

Bora One 50

To save even more weight, the front hub was given a smaller profile. On top of all that, they’ve moved to a thinner, water transfer decal process that shaves 15g per rim and looks much cleaner.

They’ve also added Certilogo verification on all of their carbon wheels so consumers can check to make sure the product is authentic and not a knock off.

Bora Ultra 35

All models are available in Bright and Dark graphic schemes. Both the One and Ultra series get the new rims and front hubs, the difference being an upgrade to CULT ceramic bearings and carbon shell hubs on the Ultra models.

2015-Campagnolo BORAultra50TBdark
Bora Ultra 50

The Bora wheels are only available as tubulars. Claimed weights for the new models are:

  • BORA ULTRA 35 – 1,179 g 1,170 g
  • BORA ONE 35 – 1,223 g 1,215 g
  • BORA ULTRA 50 – 1,267 g 1,215 g
  • BORA ONE 50 – 1,313 g 1,265 g



  1. Haha Campy don’t care about disc brakes. In 2020 we might see some Campy disc stuff, i kinda hope not though.

    Btw, ken, the G3 spokes are not just for cosmetics, the Boras are super durable wheels. If you want a normal looking wheel, there will be a Fulcrum version of these with normal lacing and also a Zero “Nite” like the Shamals.

  2. If nothing else (and there is plenty else) campag wheels are the toughest out there. I hope they do get into disc wheels sooner rather than later so I will be able to use them on my mtb!

  3. I would think that s disc brake gruppo and wheels from Campy won’t be that far off in the future. They’re pretty good about keeping their work private. Few knew for how long Campy had been working on e-gruppo when EPS finally came out.

  4. If tha Boras are good 4 Greipel, Valverde and Quintana and they improved for 2015 I am for it. Some EU distributors already have them in stock in tubular variant, just ordered one set. Will write once get hands and competition tubulars on them:-)

  5. Had the shamal Mille wheels 3 months and the black brake rim already showing big patches of silver as it gets worn through … I have been out on minimal rides not in the wet and have the issued blue pads. Retailer not interested stated outside the warranty …
    Really unhappy £ 945 and the wheelset looks crap now on my bike

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