Cane Creek adds Trunnion mount DBair IL & DBcoil IL rear shocks, plus onboard Climb-Switch tool storage!

For any rear shock manufacturer, one sure-fire way to get them on more bikes is to make them fit more bikes. That seems to be the case for Cane Creek as they just announced new Trunnion-mount versions of their supremely supple DB Air IL and DBcoil IL rear shocks.

Cane Creek adds Trunnion mount DBair IL & DBcoil IL rear shocks

Cane Creek Trunnion mount DBcoil IL rear shock on Kona

More and more full-suspension bicycles are moving to trunnion mounts, so it’s not exactly surprising to see Cane Creek adding these to their lineup. Offered in both air and coil options, the shocks use their Twin-tube independent compression and rebound damping circuits which require an Allen wrench to adjust the external damping features.

Cane Creek Climbing Switch with integrated allen wrench Cane creek DB Air IL with climbing switch tool

This is where the second part of this launch comes into play. Now, all IL shocks will have the option for a Climbing Switch lever with a built-in tool. The Allen wrench snaps into place with magnets and is always there if you need to make a quick tune trail-side. These slick CS levers will be included on all DB Air and Coil IL shocks as of December 7th, 2021. The levers will also be available as an aftermarket upgrade for $39.99 for existing IL shocks.

The pricing for the shocks is inline with their non-trunnion options, with the DB Air IL selling for $579.99 and $525.99 for the DB Coil IL. Both are available now.


  • Weight: 

    • Air +/- 397g

    • Coil +/- 285g (w/o spring)

  • Damping:

    • Twin-tube independent high & low speed and rebound circuits

  • Adjustments: 

    • High Speed Compression

    • Low Speed Compression

    • High speed Rebound

    • Low Speed Rebound

  • Shaft Diameter:

    • Air and Coil: 8mm

  • Damper Oil:

    • Motorex 4wt

  • Climb Switch 

    • 3mm Integrated tool

    • Two Position: Descend / Climb

  • Trunnion Sizes:

    • Air IL: 165 x 40, 165 x 42.5, 165 x 45, 185 x 50, 185 x 52.5, 185 x 55

    • Coil IL: 185 x 50, 185 x 52.5, 185 x 55

  • Manufacturing: Hand built in Fletcher, NC

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