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Air or Coil Shock? The New Cane Creek Tigon Offers Both

Cane Creek Tigon air coil shock
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Mountain bikers often have to make a choice. Do you want the suppleness of a coil shock? Or the progressiveness and adjustability of an air shock?

Now you have another option with the new Tigon shock from Cane Creek. It still offers the sensitivity of a coil shock, but adds a secondary air spring to tune the shock’s progression. That adjustability comes from what Cane Creek calls their RAMP Tube Technology. This patent-pending design results in a coil shock that is more resistant to side-loading and buckling forces that are typically detrimental to coil shocks. Importantly, that makes the Tigon a better option for clevis and trunnion-mount frames.

Cane Creek Tigon air coil shock
Cane Creek Tigon shock specs

The RAMP Tube also allows the rider to tune the shock progression by up to 35% with a simple shock pump (30 psi max). The charts above show the shock’s progression with 10, 20, or 30 psi (grey, blue, and red respectively) added to the RAMP Tube. Riders will still set the sag based on the coil spring alone, using Cane Creek’s VALT springs which are sold separately.

Part of the increased resilience of the shock is the damping tube that’s been relocated to the middle of the shock with a higher volume of damper oil. Here you’ll still find their DB Twin Tube technology for independently controlled high and low-speed compression and low-speed rebound adjustment.

Pricing for the shock alone is $899.99 and it’s available in standard and trunnion sizes.


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