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Canfield Bros Jedi DH nails a huge drop in 2016 consumer direct pricing & adds new color

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Canfield Brothers 2016 Jedi Raw Blue

Canfield Brother’s Jedi DH is a 9 inch travel monster wearing 27.5 shoes. For 2016, the frame will be available in a new color (more if you consider the choices in link colors available at no additional cost). To compliment the black ano, for 2016 the Jedi is now also available in a raw anodized finish. Other than the color, the frame doesn’t see technical changes for 2016.

Head on through for the rundown and pricing on the 2016 Canfield Brother’s Jedi as well as a video of it in action…

Jedi-06 (1)

If the new color isn’t exciting enough, maybe the new pricing is. In 2015, with a Cane Creek DB Coil and custom MRP G3 chainguide, the flagship Jedi went for $3,150. This year, for the same build, they dropped the price a whopping $750 to $2,399.

The Canfield Brothers (as in Chris and Lance Canfield… the actual brothers), have been completely happy with the Jedi’s 2014 re-design, and even more stoked when they designed it to fit the 27.5 wheel size in 2015. With 9 inches of travel out back and 3 inches of rearward axle-path to counter any sharp angled obstacles, the Jedi’s “Formula 1 Suspension”  moves the rear wheel up and back out of the way of impacts, versus hanging up. This gives the Jedi a “floating” feel in the rough and prevents the wheelbase from shrinking on impacts keeping stability in check. Additionally, the idler pulley isolates pedaling forces and negates braking or suspension feedback to keep the rider in as much control as possible when things get sketchy.


  • Ÿ27.5” Downhill / 9” travel
  • Ÿ7005 aluminum
  • ŸFormula 1 Suspension with 3″ rearward travel
  • ŸTitanium idler pulley cog
  • ŸLinear suspension rate
  • ŸLow maintenance 20mm pivots and Enduro Max bearings
  • ŸExtra rear derailleur hanger included
  • ŸAnodized and factory raw frame options
  • ŸAvailable in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

Build Specs:

  • ŸCane Creek Double Barrel Coil included
  • ŸShock Specs – 240mm x 76mm, (22mmX8mm hardware)
  • ŸRecommend fork length – 8”
  • ŸHeadset – 49.6mm upper and lower, (external lower cup recommended)
  • ŸBottom bracket – 83mm, threaded
  • ŸSeatpost – 30.9mm
  • ŸSeatpost clamp – 35mm
  • ŸRear spacing – 150mmx12mm, (axle included)
  • ŸBrake Mount – IS, (international standard)
  • ŸChain Guide – Custom MRP G3 chain guide included
  • ŸExtra derailleur hanger included
  • ŸWe recommend a short cage derailleur for tighter chain tension.
  • ŸOnly one chain is needed for set up with our idler pulley

Canfield Brothers 2016 Jedi Specs


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8 years ago

How is it possible that a company selling a product, any product, can simply drop their pricing 24% over night?!?!?!

If this is a direct implication of selling direct to consumers (which it obviously is), bye bye local bike shop!!!

This thing looks pretty awesome by the way. I’ve always wanted to try one of these.

8 years ago

That is a major drop. They’ve always sold direct, so I’m not sure that’s the root of the change. Maybe increased volume gained them something with their supplier? Either way, it seems like a good deal.

8 years ago
Reply to  David

If they had been selling direct as well as via shops they would have had to keep the 25% or so margin in their pricing to allow the shops to earn their cut. Take out needing to factor in shops earning a portion and there goes the ability to lower the price while Canfield still make the same amount that they earned selling through shops anyway. I’ve been in this position as an importer/wholesaler. The bikes we had, the shops were selling hardly any bikes and via consumer direct we were selling hardly any because of the pricing we had to maintain to be in line with what the shops needed to sell them for. Once we stopped selling through shops we dropped the price about 25% and sales immediately increased. Plus the extra sales volume helped our purchasing power at distributor/manufacturer level. Expect this trend to continue until almost all small brands end up doing the same thing.

8 years ago

Honestly, after working in a shop for many years, it almost makes more sense for indi shops to partner with direct to customer brands and sell maintenance package and after market parts as well as some display models for fit from the company. This gives the small shops less overhead and more direct return. I know that, unless your only selling high end, that return on bikes under 1000 is minimal once you factor in after sale maintence and shipping. Better pricing for consumers, less risk for shops.

M. Norris
M. Norris
7 years ago

My son races a 2015 Jedi. He’s hovers around #10 on the USAC ranking list for amateurs (he races Jr-X). You need to eat your Wheaties and have the run of your life to keep up with him. The Jedi really is fast and confidence inspiring. The rearward travel is no joke. He seems to accelerate over the nasty stuff. He has gone from Cat 3 to a top ranking Cat 1 in the year he has had the Jedi. And if the bike being outstanding isn’t enough, Lance, Sean and Chris are great guys. Be a true downhiller… take the path less traveled and try a Jedi. You’ll have a blast.

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