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Canfield Brothers makes a smooth move partnering with DVO Shocks for OEM equipment

Canfield Balance with DVO shock
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Canfield Brothers Riot with DVO shock

DVO, the ‘new suspension company with over 80 years of experience’ recently secured a partnership with Canfield Brothers to supply OEM suspension components for their Riot and Balance all-mountain frames and complete bikes. The stock choice for both models will be the Topaz T3 air shock, but if coils are more your style there’s also an option to upgrade to DVO’s Jade. The folks at Canfield (and DVO) are stoked about the new partnership;

“We’re proud to offer a premium suspension product like the DVO Topaz standard on our frames,” said Vin Quenneville, director of sales. “The performance and tunability is the perfect compliment to our patented CBF Suspension.”

If you’re a fan of Cane Creek or PUSH Industries, there’s no need to worry- Canfield will continue offering these suspension products alongside the new options from DVO…

Canfield Brothers suspension rendering
For a ton of info about Canfield’s CBF suspension platform, check out their website.

Canfield’s 140mm Riot (29er) and the 165mm Balance (27.5”) both utilize the brand’s CBF suspension platform, which was designed to accommodate either air or coil shocks so riders can tune their bike to their preferences.

“Canfield Brothers bikes have played a major role in the development of our suspension products. We genuinely feel that the suspension kinematics are some of the best in the industry and mate with our shocks perfectly. Their designs allow the shock to work how it’s designed to,” said Bryson Martin Jr., DVO’s marketing manager.

DVO Topaz T3 air shock

DVO’s Topaz T3 offers ‘on the fly’ compression and rebound adjustments, positive and negative air chambers to control spring rate, and a bladder pressure adjustment for damping and fine tuning small bump compliance. The shock also uses a high-volume piston, Trelleborg seals and cooling fins to keep temperatures under control.

DVO Jade coil shock

If you prefer the active ride of a coil shock, you might opt to upgrade to the Jade for an extra $100. The Jade shock features a stiction-free compression bladder that handles small bump compliance, plus an externally adjustable shim stack and loader-style compression circuits for convenient tuning. Like the Topaz, DVO also employs cooling fins and a high-flow piston on the Jade.

Canfield Brothers Balance with DVO
*Photos courtesy of Canfield Brothers

Canfield Brothers is currently offering either the 2017 Balance or Riot frame with a DVO Topaz T3 shock for $2099 USD, or $2199 with the Jade upgrade. Complete bike pricing varies based on selected options, but on either model you can match your rear shock to a DVO Diamond fork (160mm on the Balance, 140mm on the Riot). DVO-equipped Riot or Balance frames and factory builds are now available through Canfield’s webstore.

Canfield is still offering other rear suspension options- The Cane Creek DB Air CS will continue to be available as an OEM shock (at no extra cost), and the PUSH Industries Eleven Six coil shock will still be offered as an upgrade.


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7 years ago

I’ve ridden a lot of different suspension designs in my 20 years of mountain biking but Canfield has been the best by a mile. The cafe full ballance of pedaling response, small bump sensitivity and bottom out control can’t be beat (in my opinion of course).

7 years ago

I own a a Jedi , balance and nimble 9. the suspension design is amazing lets you plow through rocks and pedals so efficiently !! the geometry on the hardtail is so good !! i even pre ordered a 2017 epo should be 24-25 lbs with a 140 , dropper and shorter chain stays than a DJ bike !!

7 years ago

regardless of how good canfield or DVO suspension is, they don’t have 80 years of experience. They may have 80 years of combined experience but that is a very different story.

7 years ago

And still no boost… lame. You can space your good old wheels “up” but I can’t space my great new wheels down…

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