For the past 20 years, Chris and Lance Canfield have been building impressive bikes that were all well ahead of their time. Recently, we haven’t heard much out of Canfield Brothers in terms of their own bikes, but we have seen a lot of the Canfield Balance Formula suspension system that has been integrated into the new line of Revel bikes. Now, the Canfield brothers are pulling back the curtain to reveal their plans for the future which involves two separate entities.

Canfield Brothers part ways to form separate Canfield Bikes & CBF Suspension entities

Chris Canfield with a CBF equipped Revel test bike.

Technically, the brothers are parting ways with Lance acquiring Chris’ portion of the bike business that will be rebranded as Canfield Bikes. Chris on the other hand will retain the rights to the CBF suspension system, which Canfield Bikes will continue to use. But the suspension will also be used on other brands’ bikes like that of Revel. Ultimately, it seems that there were some differences in opinion between the brothers, and while it was a tough decision, it seems that the brothers feel it’s the best way forward. Check out the press release below.

BELLINGHAM, WA (November 7, 2019) – Canfield Brothers, high-end boutique mountain bike manufacturer, today announces it has officially rebranded as Canfield Bikes and will be producing new bikes which will be available beginning in early 2020.

The announcement comes as the brand celebrates 20 years in business, and breaks the silence after a two-year hiatus during which the Canfield brothers, Lance and Chris, worked through restructuring the business, a process that ultimately resulted in Lance acquiring Chris’ share of the company.

“We’re proud to announce that Canfield Bikes is alive and well,” says Lance Canfield, owner and designer. “We thank all our customers and fans who have always believed in us and even after two years consistently check in with us for updates, wondering when we will be making more bikes. We apologize for the silence, but it was necessary while we restructured. This is the announcement you have all been waiting for. I’m excited to carry the torch and continue doing what I love: building badass mountain bikes worthy of wearing a skull on the head tube.”

I’m excited to carry the torch and continue doing what I love: building badass mountain bikes worthy of wearing a skull on the head tube.

-Lance Canfield

After working together for 20 years, Lance and Chris have each decided to pursue their passions in different ways. Lance will continue as owner and designer of Canfield Bikes. Chris—who recently won the Masters title in the USA Cycling Downhill National Championships and a Masters World Championship aboard his Canfield Jedi—will retain the rights to the Canfield Balance Formula (CBF) suspension patent, working to license and implement the patent on other platforms.

Canfield Bikes will continue to use CBF suspension.

“We congratulate Chris on his title wins and wish him the best,” says Lance. “His spirit, energy and creativity have played a vital role in making the brand what it is today and he will be missed. But we have no doubt that great things await him.”

Canfield Brothers part ways to form separate Canfield Bikes & CBF Suspension entities

Lance Canfield riding a Canfield

For two decades, the brand has amassed a nearly cult following despite minimal marketing thanks to its rider-focused engineering philosophy, industry-leading suspension designs—from the legendary Formula 1 linkage on its Jedi downhill bikes, to the active and efficient patented CBF on recent trail and all-mountain bikes—and a customer centric approach to sales and service.

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Building on the brand’s heritage, Canfield Bikes will maintain the level of quality products and hands-on customer service riders have come to expect. Components, including Crampon Mountain and Crampon Ultimate pedals, rebuild kits and C2 AM and DH cranks are in stock and available immediately.

New bikes are slated to be available by spring 2020, with details and pre-order options expected by the end of the year. Service parts for existing bikes will also be available.

“Canfield Bikes was founded on a simple principle: building the bikes that we want to ride,” says Lance. “And nothing about that is going to change.”


Canfield Bikes produces the most sought after high-performance—and fun—bikes and components available. Having continually refined the principles of suspension design and frame geometry ever since Lance’s first handbuilt bikes went on to be Rampage and World Cup tested, the brand remains on the cutting edge of what is  possible between two wheels. Produced in limited quantities to exacting standards and backed by a commitment to personal customer service and a hands-on approach, you won’t find anything quite like a Canfield bike. For more information, visit

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2 years ago

As somebody who had owned 3 Canfields, I can’t wait to see their new products.

2 years ago

Yeah, same, but my favorites are the ones that don’t need CBF suspension…… Hoping for a new Nimble 9…..

2 years ago

Hopefully, everyone will be cool at the Canfield family Thanksgiving