Canfield debuts Lithium & Tilt, two huge new multi-linkage 29er mountain bikes

Building off their Canfield Balance Formula suspension design, the boutique Colorado brand has just launched two new full suspension 29er mountain bikes. The Canfield Lithium is a long travel enduro/all-mountain option with adjustable travel length. The Tilt is a long travel trail bike. Both are aluminum, and both use the same CBF dual linkage suspension design. Here’s the details…

2021 Canfield Lithium enduro mountain bike

2021 canfield lithium full suspension mountain bike riding on rock drop off

The Lithium comes with 163mm rear wheel travel paired with a 170mm fork. Combine that with big 29″ wheels and they say it’s designed to crush any descent. But, with very short 430mm chainstays (that’s just 16.9 inches!) and a slack 64.5º head angle, it should be able to climb and handle the non-descending fun stuff, too.

2021 canfield lithium full suspension mountain bike side profile

2021 canfield lithium full suspension mountain bike suspension linkage closeup detail

The CBF suspension uses two linkages to control the effective pivot point of the suspension and keep it exactly on top of the chainring…right where the chain meets the teeth. The result is a consistent pedaling feel and performance throughout the entire travel range.

They have a full explainer here, and it’s worth noting that the Canfield brothers amicably split the business in 2019. One took the suspension patent and is licensing the design to multiple brands, the other kept the bike brand.

2021 canfield lithium full suspension mountain bike linkage side profile

The Lithium can reduce it’s rear travel to 151mm by swapping to a shorter stroke shock. Stock is 230×65, but you can switch to a 230×60. This will also adjust geo to give it a lower BB and slightly slacker head angle. They also say you can run anything from a 160mm to 180mm fork.

2021 canfield lithium full suspension mountain bike stays closeup showing tire clearance

Want more versatility? You could also swap in 650B x 2.8″ tires. Or stick with the 29×2.4″ tires that come on it.

2021 canfield lithium full suspension mountain bike shown at an angle in black

Available in Red and Black, as a complete bike or frameset. Claimed frame weight with hardware is 7.7lb and 8.8lb with shock. Complete bike is 31.8lb.

2021 Canfield Tilt trail mountain bike

2021 canfield tilt full suspension mountain bike riding on the side of a mountain switchback

Want something a little more “all purpose”? Check out the Tilt, which gets 138mm travel in the rear with a 140mm fork. Hitting the tall end of the Trail category, it’s also able to downsize the squish. Swap in a shorter stroke shock and you can get 125mm rear travel.

2021 canfield tilt full suspension mountain bike side profile shown in green

The Tilt comes in green and white. While they offer different colors and travel, the two bikes share quite a few new features for Canfield. They run full internal cable and hose routing, with new ports that allow from zero to three lines to enter.

2021 canfield tilt full suspension mountain bike shown in white

There’s also a new forged clamshell bottom bracket part that reduces the total number of frame members, which improves strength, stiffness and alignment across both models.

Geometry & Build Specs

canfield lithium and tilt mountain bike geometry charts

Click to enlarge image.

The Tilt is offered with a Cane Creek Helm fork and Kitsuma shock, the Lithium gets an Öhlins TTX Air shock and RXF 36 m.2 Air fork. Choose between Magura or TRP brakes. Both bikes start with a SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, SDG Tellis dropper, SDG custom Canfield saddle, Canfield Special Blend AM29 wheels with optional premium wheel upgrades from RideFast Racing and Atomik Carbon, all wrapped in Maxxis rubber.

Both bikes are available for pre-order now with a slight discount off their eventual MSRP. Prices start at $1,699.99 for a frameset, and $4,599.99 for a complete bike.

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2 years ago

Curious how a shorter stroke shock with the same extended length can make anything slacker and lower. It would be the same geometry at full extension and slightly steeper at a given percentage of sag.

2 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Nah. With a 5mm shorter shock you’re basically just pulling the rear end into its travel by the difference in shock length x leverage ratio. In this case, like 12mm. So, everything else being equal, lower BB and slacker HT.

2 years ago

Edit: My bad. Just reread what you wrote and went back and reread the article and have to assume it’s a typo and should be a shorter extended length if it’s going to effect the geo like they claim.

Lance Canfield
2 years ago

With the same eye to eye, it does not change the geo to go shorter stroke.

Dr Sweets
2 years ago

I guess if you are a bad enough mutha-scratcher to ride a Canfield, you don’t care about being thirsty.

Ol' Shel'
Ol' Shel'
2 years ago
Reply to  Dr Sweets

Canfield riders drink dirt. They learned it apprenticing for Chuck Norris.