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LAB71 Cooks Up ‘Best of the Best’ for Cannondale’s Future

a road rider rests on a guardrailPhoto c. Cannondale
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American bike maker Cannondale positions its new project as an episode in a stated tradition of disruption.

This article was originally published on GearJunkie.

Since its 1971 founding, it said in a press release, “Cannondale’s non-stop rule-breaking and game-changing innovations have constantly pushed the industry forward.”

Enter LAB71, which seeks to continue on that tack. Teased today following speculation that stemmed from the badge’s appearance on the pro race circuit, common opinion holds that the lineup will begin with a mega-engineered road bike.

The line launches commercially on March 1, with road MTB, eMTB, and gravel releases to come. Images of the bikes were scant as of this writing, beyond what’s already been shared.

“The LAB71 product capsule is the best of the best of Cannondale,” said Richard Prenderville, chief marketing officer. “Our designers and engineers know that every finish line has a new start line. LAB71 is where we see them chasing the impossible and revealing their unbridled passion for development.”

Cannondale LAB71 Design: ‘Balancing Attributes’

Senior Product Manager David Devine heads up most of the company’s product development for pavement-oriented bikes. Cannondale’s sponsored team (EF Education-EasyPost) rides the SuperSix line, hi-mod carbon bikes that became acutely lightweight in a recent limited-edition release. That saw a frameset reach just 750 grams, and Cannondale also landed multiple SuperSix Evo rigs on the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) approved list.

Devine said a “systemized” approach leads LAB71 forward.

“It’s about balancing attributes,” Devine explained. “A lot of times, you start with an existing design and start making changes to that. Then through ride testing and structural testing, you figure out pros and cons of changes you made. You can compare that to computer simulations and really start to figure out what a new material or process is doing.”

a road cyclist rides toward a rainbow

“LAB71 is where we let our engineers, designers, and product managers run wild,” said Henning Schroeder, Cannondale Senior Vice President of Product Development. “Where they get to build the bikes of their dreams. These bikes are what our athletes and fans dream of riding.”


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Roger Pedacter
Roger Pedacter
1 month ago

I am so excited for this! All these trendy buzz words have me, well… Buzzing. And trending.

Anything that’s “mega-engineered” (whatever that nonsense means) is going to have to be amazing, considering what a stupidly over the top nonsense marketing phrase that is.

But let’s be real. This is Cannondale. It’s going to be a little (let’s say 5%) better, and they’re going to claim that it’s an absolutely revolutionary game changing design.


1 month ago

so the same products as before just more expensive

1 month ago

I have to say I’m a bit discouraged by the path Cannondale (and others) are taking. While I understand the need to push R&D boundaries, I’m really not seeing much trickle-down to mainstream bikes (at least from a price point).

They’re helping push bikes with Dura-Ace & SRAM Red, or even the mid-tier groupos out of reach of general consumers. Not that the general consumers need bikes with Dura-Ace or Red, but the trend to push even bikes with mid-tier parts out of reach is disappointing.

I remember the good old days when you could buy a nicely equipped bike for less than $2,000. With Dura-Ace. Brand-new.

Roger Pedacter
Roger Pedacter
1 month ago
Reply to  DefRyder

$2k? Since it seems no one has been keeping you up to speed, it bears stating the mid ‘90s were 30 years ago…

Jimmy Giggle
25 days ago

The first three words of the LAB 71 video say it all “Don’t be fooled…”

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