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Cannondale Moterra Neo eMTB ‘empowers’ riders with big range

cannondale moterra neoThe Cannondale Moterra Neo 3. All photos c. Cannondale
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Worried you’ll get stranded in the middle of nowhere when your eMTB battery cuts out? You might very well do so. But Cannondale says its new Moterra Neo “empowers” riders to go farther into the bush than ever before…

(Get it?)

Cannondale Moterra Neo Bosch-powered eMTB

bosch performance line

With a Bosch Smart System, the bike can punch out around 80 miles on a single charge. And to make sure every rider as comfortable as possible all the way out and back, Cannondale scales each Moterra Neo sold with its Proportional Response sizing.

The dual-suspension line comes in multiple formats across carbon and alloy frames.

We designed Moterra Neo with every rider in mind ensuring this is the bike that new and season Cannondale fans have been asking for,” said Scott Vogelmann, Cannondale Global Director of Mountain Product. “The eMTB category is one of the fastest growing segments in cycling, empowering riders to explore and challenge themselves on trail in new ways. With a forward-thinking, rider-experience focused approach, we designed Moterra Neo with a more powerful drive unit, all-new features and updated geometry.”


Bosch Performance CX-powered

cannondale moterra neo

The Moterra Neo’s focal point is its Bosch Smart System powertrain. It consists of Bosch’s most powerful eMTB drive unit, the max 85Nm torque Performance Line CX, and a 750Wh battery.

It’s not the highest-capacity battery we’ve ever seen on an eMTB, but a 40-mile mid-ride turnaround point ain’t bad. The Performance Line CX, meanwhile, can boost your output by up to 340%, yet aims for an intuitive acceleration feel for the rider.

Geometry and Cannondale Proportional Response

The bike’s geometry relies on Cannondale’s Proportional Response methodology. The research that produced it landed a few years ago — for a thorough run-down, check out Jessie-May Morgan’s explanation here.

In a nutshell, Proportional Response seeks to optimize geometry, chainstay length, and suspension layout for every rider regardless of their height. To do it, they poured lab research and real-world testing into figuring out precise geometry and angles for each frame size.

For a eMTB trail bike, the Moterra Neo gets a fairly slack head tube angle of 65°. A steeper 77° seat tube angle should support pedaling efficiency and rider control during climbs.

cannondale emtb

Suspension, other key features, options

A low center of gravity, thanks to “rotating” the motor in the frame, should also help riders feel confident on brappy trails. So should the generous suspension travel — most models get 150mm front & rear, while some come with 170mm in the front & 160mm out back.

cannondale moterra neo suspension

A sealed cover helps protect the battery from the elements, and a flip-open port allows easy charging port access. To limit snags, a concealed stem hides direct-route cables inside.

Some Moterra Neo models come with a 1,000-lumen MTB headlight by Lezyne, rear fender mount, and kickstand.

Cannondale Moterra Neo eMTB – Pricing, options & availability

cannondale moterra neo

The Cannondale Moterra Neo starts at MSRP $4500 (alloy) and scales all the way up to $8,600 – with increased squish and a carbon frame at the top of the line.

cannondale moterra neo lt
The Moterra Neo Carbon LT 1

They’re all available starting today at your local Cannondale bike shop.


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2 years ago

I realize that going negative on ebikes isn’t hard or original. AND as an unrepentant capitalist I fully understand and respect the TAM expansion move. But I’m still having a hard time digesting this one. A few off-the-cuff thoughts:

  1. 80 miles of range is great as it increases the number of landfills with battery disposal facilities I can take this to directly from my local Cannondale bike shop
  2. See below, or attached, or however uploaded images in the comments show up in this geocities powered webpage
  3. Do we know if Mohoric ALSO utilized a 1,000 lumen MTB-specific headlight AND kickstand in his historic Milan-San Remo victory? (Joking aside, I get the kickstand is necessary for oil changes)
  4. The tagline for these accessories is “Life is hard enough”. I am confident in assuming that anyone buying a $6,500 ebike does not have a hard life (I intentionally picked the Neo 3 to quote a price so please do not respond that its ‘only $4,500’)
  5. @BikeRumor – Can you confirm that “Some Moterra Neo Models come with a… kickstand”? I am only seeing that the frame has 18mm two-bolt kickstand mounting points, but it does not come with the kickstand itself? Perhaps I missed
  6. Proportional Response methodology is when your friend shows up to a ride on his Moterra Neo Carbon LT 1 and you tell him that he is no longer the best man at your wedding
  7. I love that Canndondale’s landing page for the Moterra Neo includes 4 identical and poorly cropped photos of (ostensibly, given the ponytail) a woman unloading her Moterra from a hitch rack. Its just like a normal bicycle! Of course, her body hides the motor so we’re left wondering… Also very appreciative of the throwback Lo-Fi instagram filter applied. Combined with the groovy “Terrain Distance Time” font, we know that the Moterra IS NOT for squares
2 years ago

what’s the deal with that stem? Are you locked into it and the bars because the cables route through it? or can you put a different stem on above the spacers>

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