Cannondale has collaborated with British Fashion Designer, Stella McCartney, to produce 18 hand-painted frames, none of which you can have. The aim of the collaboration was to “For us, it’s a new way to reach new audiences while keeping our current audiences surprised with re-imagining the fastest bikes in the world for a limited collection moment” – Massimo Alpian, Global Media Relations Manager at Cannondale/CSG.

Cannondale x Stella McCartney

cannondale stella mccartney

The Cannondale x Stella McCartney collection comprises hand-painted limited-edition versions of the SystemSix, SuperSix EVO, and EVO CX bikes.

“As a lifelong cyclist and someone who rides their bicycle every day to work, I could not be more excited for my new shared journey with Cannondale. The bikes we have created embody our common values and vision – blending beauty and desirability with a sense of responsibility to the next generation”. – Stella McCartney.

cannondale stella mccartney

An Ed Curtis design, set to be on show in the Stella McCartney London store from Nov 17th

None of these are actually hand-painted by Stella herself. She hand-picked designs from three emerging artists that worked on her latest A/W ’21 collection; Ed Curtis from London, Myfawnwy (Maisie Broome) from New York, and Tom Tosseyn from Antwerp.

cannondale stella mccartney tom tosseyn

A Tom Tosseyn design

The bikes will be on display in each Stela McCartney flagship store from November 17 onwards; The SuperSix EVO SE by Myfawnwy will be at the New York store, the SystemSix by Tom Tosseyn in Tokyo, and the SuperSix EVO by Ed Curtis in London and Shanghai.

cannondale stella mccartney new york mayfawnwy ltd ed bike

The Mayfawnmwy design, set to be on show at the Stella McCartney flagship store in New York


  1. Shafty on

    So what did they “reimagine”? Those are custom paint jobs. Throw a few thousand at black magic or velocolour and you can get great results as well. At least auction them for a charity or something.

  2. Topreal on

    “Ok Sergio, we’ll pay you your last two months salary but you have to ride one of these in the next gran fondo”

    “..j-just go ahead and fire me”

  3. Matthias on

    “… none of which you can have.”–the pinnacle of exclusivity, much wow! Please visit again tomorrow for our next article of how cycling needs to become more inclusive!


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