Canyon has been super busy lately with all kinds of new road, mountain, and even e-bikes. Now, it’s gravel’s turn. Specifically, we’re talking about the Canyon Grail which was first introduced back in 2018. Technically, the frame hasn’t changed at all for either the carbon or aluminum models, but there are new models for the coming year.

Canyon Grail Gravel bike SRAM 2x wide range

The biggest changes for 2021 seem to revolve around the question of gravel gearing (completely unrelated, that’s the topic of SRAM’s AASQ next week). Of note is that the SRAM 1x groups previously offered on the Grail will be replaced with SRAM’s new wide range Force eTap AXS 2x group. This set up will include a 10-36t cassette with a 46/33t chainring set up for those who prefer smaller gear steps out on the road.

Canyon Grail Gravel bike aluminum shimano 1x

There will still be a 1x option, only this time it will come in the form of a Shimano GRX drivetrain. The 11-42t cassette with a 40t chainring will offer a 381% gear range.

Canyon Grail Gravel bike Shimano 2x Canyon Grail Gravel bike Shimano 2x Canyon Grail Gravel bike Shimano Di2 2x


Canyon Grail Gravel bikes US pricing 2021

As usual, the U.S. won’t get the full Canyon Grail catalog, but we will get a solid representation with the eight different configurations shown above, though there is only one ‘WMN’s’ model. Pricing starts with the aluminum framed Grail 6 at $1,699, and tops out for the U.S. market at $5,299 for the carbon fiber Grail SLX 8 Di2 2x build. Select bikes are available starting today.

Euro pricing & availability update: For the EU market there are a number more models, thirteen in all. Alloy bikes start with the 1500€ Grail 6 & 6 WMN, 1800€ 7 & 7 WMN or “7 1by”. Carbon bikes start at 2400€ for the Grail CF SL 7 or CF SL 7 WMN, 2800€ CF SL 8, 3500€ CF SL 8 Di2 or CF SL 8 WMN Di2, or 4000€ CF SL 8 eTap. The top-spec lightest carbon is available in the 4600€ Grail CF SLX 8 Di2 or 4900€ CF SLX 8 eTap. 


  1. carbonfodder on

    I am guessing the SRAM front derailleur wasn’t actually dead then? Or is this some kind of zombie / undead thing too?

  2. Greg on

    The SRAM front derailleur is extremely finicky. Road 22, AXS, whatever, their chainrings or others, the line between rubbing and throwing the chain is very very thin (some would say nonexistent). Let them have their 1x. Shimano has 2x covered.


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