Do you dream of shedding unnecessary grams? Bavarian handmade producer CarbonWorks has a new tubular carbon water bottle cage with a standard weight under 8g, and a surprisingly affordable price. If that’s not light enough for you they can even build it for you at half the weight. Plus, there’s a light out-front style GPS/light mounts and a direct computer mount for integrated bars that sheds 88% of the weight of a standard alloy K-Edge mount.

CarbonWorks ultralight carbon components & mounts

Carbonworks ultralight carbon components & mountsWhat does it take to shed more than half the weight of your already lightweight carbon bottle cage, or more than 3/4’s the weight of someone else’s comparable components. German engineer Simon Buehler’s trick seems to be a decade of carbon experience, an obsessive attention to detail, and a good bit of patience.

Carbonworks ultralight carbon components & mounts

The resulting CarbonWorks bottle cage tips the scale at under 8g (the one we weighed was just 7.45g) and features a top layer treatment that aids bottle retention, while also not marking up bottles. Its 90€ price tag is definitely high, but also not so out of the world when you compare its weight to others on the market and the handmade nature.

Interestingly again, it seems that a <4g version of the bottle cage is also possible, and  isn’t any more expensive (sharing the same price.) Cutting the weight in half makes it a bit tougher to get bottle in & out, but is probably a solid value for those ultra serious about paring down bike weight.

Carbonworks ultralight carbon components & mountsA little heavier thanks to additional functionality, the 150€ carbon, alloy & ti MasterMount is still only 33g and bolts directly on replacing two stem face plate bolts.

Carbonworks ultralight carbon components & mounts

It fits a wide rage of stems thanks to adjustable spacing, then mounts a GPS mount up top (with modular mounting plates for different brands) and the gets a GoPro mount down below.

Carbonworks ultralight carbon components & mountsEven though is is super light, the MasterMount can haul a pretty big load (like this full size Sigma GPS and a LED headlight), and can adjust the angle of your device’s screen!

In addition to the Master, a more simplified CockpitMount shed the GoPro mount down to 120€ and a straight tube variant knocks it down to 100€.

Carbonworks ultralight carbon components & mounts

Want to go even lighter with your GPS mount? If you have an integrated bar+stem combination cockpit, the 80€ IntegralMount eclipses any alternatives. For a frame of reference, CarbonWorks’ light IntegralMount weighs just 5g (you can barely feel it your hand) vs. a more conventional machined alloy mount that K-Edge made that weighs almost 9x more.

There’s also a more beefy (but still crazy light) multifunction version that adds GoPro-style mount, or a bit more expensive model to work with the uberlight THM Tibia stem.

Carbonworks ultralight carbon components & mounts

Ending on a prototype, CarbonWorks was showing an upcoming adapter mount to clamp their ultralight bottle cage to a set of standard saddle rails. The SaddelHolder Aerodromedar will be available in both separate machined aluminum and carbon versions for 120€.


    • blahblah1233445 on

      Considering You can get Elite Vico Carbon for 1/6 of the price above and it’s only ~20g more, but also much tougher and suited even for enduro…

      I see it as a product for building a complete, weight-record-breaking road machine, nothing else.

  1. Bill B on

    Well, I still have two of the old M2 Racer 6g cages in the parts bin. Stuck with to 550ml bottles for those, These look more substantial

  2. veloriderkm on

    For the last 4 years, I’ve only used Carbonworks cages (road & gravel) and honestly see no reason to switch. They’re stupid light and simply work.


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