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Castelli dips into skin care with Linea Pelle creams

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Castelli, who set themselves apart for bad weather with their market busting Gabba line, keeps looking at every way they can improve cyclists’ performance and comfort. That drive for surviving foul weather took them out of their clothing comfort zone and into the realm of embrocation creams. Their new Linea Pelle cream range aims to address issues of human skin from the spring classics to the heat of the summer grand tours. Slide past the break for a look at what they have in store…


Cannondale Pro Cycling will be the first pro team to try out the new Castelli Linea Pelle line-up. They will use the embrocation creams mostly to try to gain an edge in the wet and cold conditions that mark the start of the European season.

The Linea Pelle puts and important focus on its packaging as well. While most creams go for a open tub or a squeeze tube, Castelli’s pump should lend more precise application, and at the same time be both more hygienic and longer lasting. At just 100ml, they are also carry-on luggage friendly for ease of traveling to events. The whole cream range will be available soon through regular Castelli retailers and their own online shop, either one cream at a time or as a bundle of all three.

Castelli_Linea-Pelle-embrocation-creams_chamois-dry-lube Castelli_Linea-Pelle-embrocation-creams_foul-weather-cream Castelli_Linea-Pelle-embrocation-creams_warming-embro-cream

Castelli’s Chamois Dry Lube is all about keeping dry. Wet skin is more sensitive and more susceptible to abrasion, so a dry chamois cream tries to keep skin sry and strong. It claims to reduce friction without moisturizers, which doesn’t sound that far off from dry chain lube?! Their Foul Weather Cream is about protecting skin from wet and sloppy conditions. Especially in the winter we feel the effects of a wet ride really drying out every bit of exposed skin as the wind pulls away the moisture as you ride. This non-petroleum cream promises to lock in the body’s moisture, while being easy to clean with regular soap and water. Lastly, the Warming Embro Cream spices up to the legs for that ‘waking-up’ warming sensation that lets you start into a ride as if you’d already warmed up your muscles. It can even be put on under the Foul Weather Cream for racing in the cold and wet.


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