When I think of multi-conditions cyclocross tires, a semi-slick doesn’t exactly come to mind. Yet, that’s what Challenge has been running under Helen Wyman (#2 in world rankings at the moment) and other sponsored riders.

They say the design offers the cornering traction you want with the sprint-to-the-finish grip needed to win. And it’ll do so on dry, dusty, grassy or icy conditions. No mention of snow, but it seemed to work for them in Kentucky earlier this year.

It uses their 300tpi SuperPoly casing, latex inner tube, puncture protection and comes with a black natural rubber tread and a tan sidewall. Weight is TBD, but it’ll come in both tubular and open tubular (aka clincher) versions, both with a 33 width. The latter gets a folding Aramid bead.


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