San Francisco, New York, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and now Minneapolis. Chrome Industries, long time maker of messenger bags that grew into a full line of urban outdoor gear, has opened a new hub.

Formerly occupied by Handsome Cycles for their boutique, the shop space in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis is the newest of the Chrome company-owned stores. To join the community, they brought out the beer and tacos, and threw a party…


When we asked store employees why the company chose Minneapolis, they said based on recent awards from magazines and advocacy organizations, it is apparent that the cycling culture is strong, and they wanted to be a part of that community.


Welcoming Chrome to town in Minneapolis style, there was fresh snow coming down, and it was the coldest day so far this year. Alleycat racers coming in even had ice beards.


The well-merchandised shop space also includes two spaces for in-shop customization and repairs. Chrome’s products are warrantied for life, and most issues can be taken care of right at the store. The new hub is located at 115 Washington Ave N, Mpls.







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