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Cinq Plug5 Pure dynamo-powered topcap mounted charger fits virtually all 1-1/8″ steerers

cinq plug5 pure dynamo charge top cap mounted usb power supply bikepacking gear
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Cinq have added a slimmed down version of their Plug5 Plus Power Kit to fit a larger range of steerer tubes. The Cinq Plug5 Pure is a “top-cap” design thus, it works with virtually all 1-1/8″ upper steerer diameter forks, regardless of material or wall thickness. How come? Because Cinq now mount the optional buffer battery externally in the form of the Cinq Smart Power Pack-II. Now more riders than ever can charge their devices with a dynamo-powered top cap mounted USB power supply.

Cinq Plug5 Pure Dynamo-Powered Charger

cinq plug5 pure top cap dynamo charger

The Cinq Plug5 Pure seems a very useful piece of bikepacking kit. It is a top cap mounted dynamo-powered energy supply that allows you to charge your devices and use them simultaneous whilst on-the-go.

cinq plug5 pure dynamo charge top cap mounted usb power supply bikepacking gear
The operating temperature range for the new Cinq Plug5 Plus is -15°C to 60°C

As with the Plug5 Plus, the new Cinq Plug5 Pure model features a USB-C charging port. So, it will use the Dynamo’s generated energy to power any USB-chargeable device. Charge your smart phone, Garmin (other GPS units are available) or lights as you pedal. A Rotary Door twist-lock mechanism covers the USB port when not in use, sheltering it from the rain. 

cinq plug5 pure uses dynamo charge garmin while riding excellent bikepacking gear

The Plug5 Pure automatically detects when you turn on your light, dynamically negotiates the optimal charging current with your device, or optimizes itself to get the last bit of current out of your dynamo. The maximum current it can supply is 700mA. An LED on the top of the aluminium housing indicates charge status.

Will the Cinq Plug5 Pure fit my fork, and how does it mount?

This top cap mounted power supply replaces the existing star-fangled nut or expander inside your fork’s steerer tube, utilizing the Aheadset Expander to remove play from your headset. It works the same as any standard top-cap: the outer diameter of the Plug rests on top of the stem or the spacers above the stem.

cinq plug5 pure exploded diagram aheadset expander replaces star nutThe usability of the Cinq Plug5 Plus was greatly limited by the presence of the buffer battery that was housed inside the fork’s steerer tube. It’s certainly not a bad place to store a battery, after all it is more sheltered from the elements there.

cinq plug5 plus internal battery
The Cinq Plug5 Plus with steerer mounted buffer battery

However, its diameter meant it would only fit inside steerer tubes with an inner diameter greater than 24.1mm, and those with sufficient length to house the power module with access for internal wiring.

tout terrain blueridge gt bikepacking bike fitted with cinq carbon fiber touring fork cinq plug5 pure dynamo charge
The Cinq Plug5 Pure fitted to the carbon fiber Cinq Touring fork on the Tout Terrain Blueridge GT

The new Cinq Plug5 Pure does away with the internal buffer battery so it can be used with virtually all 1-1/8″ internal diameter steerer tubes (tapered or straight), including carbon and thicker-walled aluminium ones.

But I need a buffer battery

For long bikepacking journeys, you’re going to want a reserve power supply. That’s where the Smart Power Pack-II comes in.

cinq plug5 pure with smart power pack 2 buffer battery charging garmin gps top cap mounted dynamo charging unit

It’s essentially the buffer battery, except now it’s an externally-mounted separate product. Cinq say it is the perfect solution for high-drain smart phones and devices that need more (or more consistent) power than a dynamo hub alone can supply.

cinq smart power pack 2 battery accompanies plug5 pure dynamo usb charger
The Smart Power Pack-II charges at speeds as low as 8 km/h

Cinq have added a couple extra useful features to it, too. It boasts an LED flashlight, emergency tail light and an SOS flashing function. As it’s not tucked away inside the steerer, you can easily remove it from the bar and continue to charge devices in your tent overnight.

Pricing & Availability

cinq smart power kit combo bikepacking device charging top cap mount

The new Cinq Plug5 Pure will set you back €159.00. For your high drain devices, pick up the Cinq Smart Power Pack-II for an additional €99.00. For €239, get the full Cinq Smart Power Kit which includes the Plug5 Pure, SPP-II, X-Mount and Cinq USB cable.


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3 years ago

They could use an install & features video.

Chris White
3 years ago

This appears to still have the characteristic that prevents it from being installed in most modern forks: the cable from the dynamo hub has to pass through the fork crown into the steering column to connect to the base of the device. Not many forks have a hole running through the crown and it’s a really bad place to drill a new hole.
They need to make a version that uses an external connection to the dynamo hub. However, hopefully I’m missing something because your title states that it fits “virtually all 1-1/8″ steerers”.

Involuntary Soul
Involuntary Soul
3 years ago
Reply to  Chris White

touring with carbon steerer is a terrible idea

Leif Byrge-Liebig
Leif Byrge-Liebig
3 years ago

I feel like they should have a folding solar panel option that they bundle with it if they are aiming this at more towards the adventure/ longer rides.

3 years ago


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