What’s the difference between Clincher, Tubular & Tubeless tires? Vittoria White Paper explains!

Vittoria wants to clear up some common confusion around different types of bicycle tires, so they’ve started a series of White Paper explainers. First up is “Bicycle Tyre Types And Systems”, where the Italian tiremaker leverages 50 years of manufacturing experience to explain the differences between Clincher, Tubular & Tubeless tires, the benefits & challenges of each tire construction type, and what the future holds…

Vittoria White Paper: Bicycle Tire Types Explained

Vittoria made by A Dugast L Eroica limited edition 25mm retro vintage tubular road bike tires

c. Vittoria

Vittoria White Papers are set to be a new series dedicated to the technical explanation of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bicycle tires… and probably plenty you never even thought about. It certainly has a Vittoria-leaning narrative, but the explanations apply universally to most bicycle tires.

Clincher vs. Tubular vs. Tubeless bike tires:

Vittoria White, Paper Bicycle Tire Types Explained, difference between Clincher, Tubular & Tubeless tires

Clincher, Tubular & Tubeless tires (l-r)

The first White Paper is titled Bicycle Tyre Types And Systems, and serves as a primer explaining the individual components that make up a modern bike tire, the three most common types available on the market, and the pros & cons of each. (Tire construction materials are coming in the next White Paper.)

Vittoria White, Paper Bicycle Tire Types Explained, difference between Clincher, Tubular & Tubeless tires, drag

For anyone who has no idea about the tech inside a bicycle tire, it’s an easy way to get up to speed. Yet, there are still some interesting details to learn, comparisons to be made, key performance indicator analyses, and forward-looking predictions for those who already geek out on bike tech as we do.

Find out more, keep an eye on future tire explainers & download this White Paper PDF at:


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