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Clothing Roundup: New Threads From Etxeondo, LuvGear, Pavé & More

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We have no idea how to pronounce it, but Etxeondo looks like it would be fun to say. Named after the village in Spain they were founded in, they have a proud tradition of making their own high-performance kits since 1976. A high performance Windstopper kit, the WS Team Edition is the same kit used by the Team Giant Shimano Pro riders in the coldest stages.

As the weather changes, there is a lot of new clothing coming out. Check out some of the new ideas after the break…

LuvGear has a new innovative clothing line that can alert people and pets from the dangers that nature presents. The Montreal-based company believes that by warning people when danger is present, they can help protect them from danger.

From LuvGear: “The objective of creating this clothing line was to create a sense of awareness in a unique way. Each clothing item is embedded with an icon that instantly changes color during extreme weather conditions. It alerts parents of the dangers their child and pet may be faced without realizing, to ensure their safety at all costs. It also protects runners, outdoor athletes and those visiting the beach on a hot day by alerting them of high UV indexes,” Lorne Miller, founder. TempAlert, ColdAlert, HotAlert and SunAlert are the four iconic patches that are crafted to alert users of surrounding dangers. These patches are embedded into a clothing line that includes items such as snowsuits, socks, swim apparel, jackets, and much more. TempAlert alerts parents when a child’s body temperature is rising as the word alert becomes visible, and notifies to ensure their proper care. ColdAlert warns individuals when temperatures drop below 14ºF (-10ºC) with the patch transforming to a darker blue shade. HotAlert is a one of a kind icon that changes colour upon contact with a hot liquid. SunAlert turns pink when the UV index is between 1 and 3 and changes to red when it rises above 4. The innovative LVG Silvershield design is an antimicrobial agent that helps kill bacteria and odors. Silvershield is beneficial during physical activity, as fabrics allow absorption, while being integrated with a patented technology. The product is safe to wear and has been EPA and PMRA registered. This state of the art feature is in high demand for athletes who need clothing that features a breathable material that stays fresh even after a workout, while also killing bacteria and odors within 60 seconds of contact.

Similarly, they also have almost the same range of products for pets, since animals are less able to let you know if they are sick or injured.

LuvGear is starting out on Kickstarter, just launching their campaign recently so they can begin funding the creation of these products.


KitSource is a new idea in crowdfunding, selling kits designed by users, following a Kickstarter-style model, and if enough people would buy that design, its on!

Shown above is “West Coast Nights”, which has 23 days to go to reach funding, and you could join in by getting the whole kit for $150.

Manufactured by Hincapie, designers create something they think people will like, list it on the site, and then seek backers. And since the some of the founders were junior racers, the company plans to give 5% of all profits to U23 cycling programs in the USA.  The crowdfunding takes place right on the KitSource website, so check them out.

Pavé is so new, all we know is they are cycling related, and will be making some sort of full zip sweater that appears to be wool.


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