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Clothing Roundup – The High Tech, Sweat Proof, Performance Enhancing Edition

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Fitness trackers are one thing, using movement to determine your activity level. GestureLogic’s Leo is on a whole ‘nother plane, electromyographically sensing actual muscle activity and heart rate, then combining that with hydration levels by monitoring bioimpedance and 3D motion sensing to let you know exactly what you’re body’s up to. And you can’t cheat by simply shaking it.

Get a feel for it and plenty more unique technical wearables below…


Sensors are woven into the soft fabric band, which has a silicone gripper band on the top to keep it from sliding down. Just pull it over your upper leg and put your favorite shorts on over it and you’re ready to roll.


It compiles all the data from your body and movement and combines it with information from the Cloud and your smartphone to provide an insane amount of data. Fortunately, it’s all displayed in easy to understand infographics:


It’ll also store your workout in its onboard memory for later upload if you don’t want to bring your smartphone with you. The app will be available for iOS and Android and builds in social features to let you compete or participate with others. The device provides real time data to the app, telling you when to HTFU or ease up, depending on your physical condition and goals. And because it anonymously aggregates training data from everyone, it learns as it goes, both your own personal habits and progress as well as general trends. The latter feature helps it predict injuries based on your efforts and guide you away from harmful activity or technique. Yes, it even critiques your technique by sensing the balance of muscle use in your legs. Welcome to the future.

Leo is on Indiegogo and has already met it’s first two funding goals, which means they’ll be building in haptic feedback so you won’t even have to look at your screen to know it’s trying to tell you something. Check it out here.



Are these hot summer days keeping you from commuting to work for fear of showing up with sweat soaked pits and backs? SmartWeave gets it and aims to save you from being “that sweaty guy that rides his bike to work every day.”


Funny thing is, the shirts are made of 100% cotton. So they’re soft and comfortable. It’s the special way they’re woven that prevents sweat soaked sections and unsightly dark spots. The pattern disperses moisture across a larger section of the interior of the fabric, helping it evaporate through the fabric more evenly. From the outside, they say sweat spots are invisible, looking as dry as the day you bought it, all without having to wear a t-shirt underneath.

They’re available in a massive range of sizes for men and women, with plenty of colors and styles, too. Now you can just be that “cool guy who rides his bike to work every day.”



If you need effective moisture management underneath a jersey, Craft’s new Mesh Superlight base layer combines a smoother interior weave with larger honeycomb patterns knitted into the outer surface. This combines with the hexachannel shape of the polyester fibers to suck moisture off your skin and pull it to the outside, where the larger holes help it evaporate to keep you cool. Available in sleeveless and regular and men’s and women’s sizes and cuts.



The Sealskinz waterproof cycling over sock isn’t brand new, but we just found it. Unlike rubberized aero shoe covers that trap moisture inside them, too, the Sealskinz Cycle Over Sock lets your dogs breathe so they won’t get clammy, but still prevents rain from penetrating and soaking your shoes and socks. Available in S/M, L and XL. They’re also windproof and serve just as well to keep your feet warmer in mild winters.

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9 years ago

you’d think the guy serious enough to collect all this data during a ride would also pick up a razor for his polar fleece legs.

9 years ago

I was thinking the same thing tom!

9 years ago

do you think the guy gives a sh!t that tom thinks in order to take cycling seriously you have to shave your legs?

9 years ago

I’ll never understand why it is important to shave my legs to be a “serious” cyclist. Don’t think I would enjoy riding more if I did. I purposely don’t shave my legs just to irritate the “roadies” when I ride by them.

Cory Benson
9 years ago

I’ve been riding with one of the new Craft Mesh Superlight baselayers for the past 6 months, and have to say it has kept my skin dry when it is cool out, and cool when it gets hot. So far I haven’t found another baselayer that keeps you feeling comfortable in such a wide range of conditions.

Joseph Clemenzi
9 years ago

i have been using Capo’s version of Craft’s Mesh Superlight since March (if Freeza wasn’t already owned by Shimano…). Capo has a bunch of models under the name “Torino.” http://www.capocycling.com/apparel/base-layers

Capo’s Torino is good enough for me to want to talk about it in some comment section of bikerumor. did i mention it doubles as a scandalous mans attire to a night club?

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