After blowing up their Kickstarter launch and starting to ship their unique tire-holding wall mounts in 2015, Clug is back with two new sizes to fit today’s wider mountain bike tires. They’re also working on a suction cup mount that would let you attach whatever size Clug you need (they make five, see below) to it and have a portable bike stand anywhere you have a smooth surface. Why? Because sometimes it’s just helpful to keep your bike upright, like at a race where you need to make a few final tweaks, or wash it off afterward at home. Look for this one later in the year.

how to mount a plus-tire mountain bike or road bike to your wall and save space

The original design bolts onto your wall and uses a shaped insert to grab your tire and hold the bike in place. Use it up high to store your bike vertically, or keep it low and push the rear tire into it. Either way, they’ve got just about anything except fat bikes covered now thanks to two new sizes. The Clug MTB XL holds tires from 2.3″ to 2.7″, and the Clug Plus takes 2.75″ up to 3.2″.

clug wall mount bike mount that holds the wheel and tire of your bike

The original three handle road (1″ – 1.25″), hybrid (1.3″ – 1.7″) and regular MTB (1.75″ – 2.25″). Prices are $20-25 each.

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