Cobalt Bikes takes off with new custom titanium mountain and gravel bikes

Cobalt bikes, (primarily a carbon bike manufacturer) are now offering their Warhawk gravel and Diablo mountain frames with a custom titanium spin.

Cobalt Bikes Ti DiabloBB

The Cobalt brand started with carbon but now is turning some of its time to custom titanium bikes. The all-new Ti-WarHawk and Ti-Diablo are offered in the same geometry as the carbon versions but have some super cool upgrades.

Cobalt Bikes Ti Warhawk internal cable

Those looking to customize their titanium frame can do so quickly, with no added price to the frame purchase.

Cobalt Bikes Ti Warhawk TT

How custom are we talking about?

Riders can change the seat or head tube angles from the base geometry and the seat tube and top tube lengths depending on preference. The baseline geometry for both the WarHawk and Diablo isn’t anything outrageous, but riders with specific needs can take advantage of customizations.

Cobalt Warhawk Geometry

Cobalt Bikes WarHawk Geo

Cobalt Diablo MTB Geometry

Cobalt Bikes MTB geo

Other custom options include; cable routing (internal or external) for shifting/dropper post and bottle cage mounts/accessory mount locations.

Cobalt Bikes Ti Warhawk BB

The default bottom bracket style is threaded T47, but those with other needs can choose BSA, press-fit BB86, or BB92 (MTB).

Cobalt Bikes Ti diablo

Pricing and availability

  • Cobalt Warhawk Titanium frame (full carbon fork included) $2,199.00
  • Cobalt Diablo Titanium frame $2,199.00

Those looking to order a ti-custom Cobalt can do so from the Cobalt site, 50% deposit is due with the frame order, and lead time is 45-60 days.

Cobalt Bikes Ti Diablo FrameCobalt Bikes Ti Diablo Frame

Each frame is available with a custom build of the rider’s choosing, ranging from Shimano GRX to SRAM AXS — the build possibilities are wide and Cobalt works with many component brands.

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8 months ago

More people are waking up to the ultra comfy, springy ride quality of Titanium, vs. the dead, muted, wooden feel of carbon bikes.

8 months ago

It’s too bad you’ve never ridden a quality CF frame. If you had, you’d do they ride very well too. The difference in ride between my Moots and my CF frame is minimal at best.

8 months ago

*you’d know they ride…

8 months ago

I think it’s awesome that Cobalt offers both carbon and titanium frame options. For gravel i ride a cookie cutter carbon Giant Revolt and i must say it is pretty comfortable but I’m lusting after a Ti gravel bike for even more compliance.
8 months ago

good luck keeping that warhawk name past about 13 minutes after Salsa’s lawyer sends a cease and desist