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Coming From Magura In 2012: MT Hydraulic Disc Brake Range

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Magura is set to launch its MT hydraulic disc brake series featuring the MT8, the world’s first disc brake lever with a carbon fiber master cylinder (no fact checking on that one). The brake levers have received a complete makeover, Magura is using what they call the “carboflow process” to deliver “massive savings in lever weight by using short to medium length carbon fibres in a thermoplastic matrix.” The new design allows the reservoir to be integrated in an unobtrusive manner. The new levers also allow for mounting on the left or right side of the bar, utilizing a split clamp design for easy removal and re-installation.

Whenever someone spells carbon fiber “carbon fibre,” I think about how Ben Stiller pronounced Brett Favre’s name in There’s Something About Mary and then I have trouble focusing on anything remotely technical. But don’t let that stop you from trying to focus on remotely technical things…which there are plenty of after the break. What, with all the photos and the info about the entire new Magura MT range and whatnot.


“The structure of the brake lever is identical to that of the MT8, except for the use of an aluminium brake lever and aluminium clamp. Not quite so much weight is saved with the brake calliper as on the MT8 but the additional cooling fins compensate for this.”

Weight MT6: 310g (included 160 Storm SL)


“The brake lever of the MT4 is manufactured from Carbotecture. As with the models toward the top end of the range, stability and rigidity are retained by using a greater capacity and wall thickness. Tool-free centre-of-pressure adjustment is also incorporated into the brake lever. The brake calliper is identical to that of the MT6.”

Weight MT4: 320g (included 160 Storm SL)


“As with the MT4, the brake lever supplied on the basic model in the MT range is made from Carbotecture. The lever and clamp are manufactured from aluminium. The two-piece brake calliper provides for a more economic production process, and Magura passes on this price advantage directly to the end customer. As a basic model, the MT2 is only behind its bigger sisters in tipping the scales, as it delivers the same braking power and optimum lever geometry as the models toward the top end of the range. Value-for-money even for the thrifty – and for all those who aspire to thrift.”

Weight MT2: 335g (included 160 Storm SL)

“MT range MT8 With its comprehensive use of the finest materials and the substantial application of FE analysis, MAGURA’s top-of-the-range model pulls off the absolute optimum balance between weight and stability. The newly developed Carbotecture SL is used for the brake lever, together with carbon on the brake lever and the clamp which now weighs just 2g. Both the carbon clamp and carbon lever are the products of a new type of Carbolay process and thus provide top strength combined with the lowest possible weight. Aluminium bolts reduce the overall weight still further. Excellent heat release is achieved with the brake calliper due to its open design and large surface area.”

Weight MT8: 278g (included 160 Storm SL)

Royal Blood

“MAGURA continues to rely on high-performance mineral oil as a brake fluid. With respect to health concerns it is completely harmless on contact with the skin and, unlike DOT, it does not absorb water over time and so no annual bleeding is necessary.”


“A combination of coordinated brake pads and brake disk design counteracts the development of brake noise.”


“Newly developed sealing rings and a modified piston design ensure that even when operated in temperatures below zero or extremely muddy conditions the pistons always return to their original position and do not grind on the disk.”


“The entire system of the MT brake callipers is designed to release heat quickly into the atmosphere and prevent a reduction in performance.”

“Filling the brakes is a clean procedure using a T25 EBT bolt. All the other bolts have likewise been standardised to T25 which in turn allows the brakes to be fully fitted and adjusted using just one tool.”

“MAGURA consulted with ergonomists and universities to develop a broader and more ergonomic brake lever that sits well in both large and small hands. The carbon version is manufactured from Carbolay which allows the fibres to be orientated according to the directional stress within the lever. The result is an extremely light, rigid and safe carbon lever.”

“The one-piece brake calliper forged from a high-performance aluminium alloy also delivers the ultimate in performance and safety on long downhill stretches with its superb heat release facility provided by the large surface area and open double arch design. Brake pads can be checked for wear and replaced as and when necessary from above without having to remove the wheel.”

“The new MAGURA brakes (MT8, MT6, MT4) are supplied from the factory complete with a rotating hose fitting on the spoke side to prevent damage and to allow for a neat routing of the hose on a diverse range of frame designs.”

Brake disks

“All models are supplied with the high-stability Storm SL or Storm disks in 200mm, 180mm and 160mm sizes. The Storm SL is also available in 140mm as an option.”


MT 8 – 278g

MT 6 – 310g

MT 4 – 320g

MT 2 – 335g

MSRP’s (w/ rotor)

MT 8 – $399

MT 6 – $299

MT 4 – $199

MT 2 – $129


“Of course, the famous MAGURA five-year leak-proof warranty applies to the new brakes as well.”

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12 years ago

The MT8’s look really good. Would love to try em. I wish anodized red wasn’t the “go to” colour for so many manufacturers though. I say make color options available, or keep them simple, black, brushed, polished, etc.

12 years ago

…to add to that, the MT6 colour scheme looks awesome.

12 years ago

Is it just me, or is that stupid light? Like, Dura Ace 7900 caliper brake light?

12 years ago

ridiculously light, if the claimed weights are accurate in production.

my new singlespeed build is going to get some of that nice MT8 Crabon Fribe’, tell you what.

David Messenger
David Messenger
12 years ago

According to the Oxford English Dictionary fibre is spelt fibre… just because you people over that big pond have re-splet words does not make your spelling correct, English is English from England.

12 years ago

it is lucky for you english that Americans decided that you should not speak German! twice!!! thank you America

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