Ahead of what will hopefully just be a delayed Tour de France in late August, Continental has a special tire to celebrate. The limited edition tire will be available in just one size and option, and it’s certainly a looker.

Continental dips into cream sidewalls for Limited Edition Grand Prix 5000 TdF road tire

Available only in 700c x 25mm and in tube tube, fans of 28mm tubeless road tires will undoubtedly be disappointed. But if you’re running 25mm tires with tubes, you’re certainly not alone. And your reward is the ability to run these limited edition tires.

The foldable tires include Continental’s Black Chili rubber compound, Vectran Breaker puncture protection, their Lazer Grip micro tread profile, and their Active Comfort Technology which claims to absorb vibrations and smooth out the ride.

Built with a three ply, 330 tpi construction, the tires have a claimed weight of 255g per tire and are priced at 69,90 €.



  1. SuperMarz on

    Yeah please, I will be purchasing a pair of these for my Fixie-whip. Of course I wish Continental would make them Hookless/Tubeless 28mm for my new Zipp 303‘S….

  2. Rentedshoes on

    A limited edition clincher tire in honor of a race that isn’t happening this year? I’ll take that and a gallon of blinker fluid.


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