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Contour GPS HD Video Camera Adds Bluetooth, Displays Live Footage on Smartphones

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Aaahh, CES. One of these days I’ll get to you.

In the meantime, we’re filtering through cycling related goodness from the Consumer Electronics Show that kicked off today, finding gems like Contour’s new Bluetooth-enabled GPS HD video camera. Thanks to the lo-fi wireless protocol addition, the camera can now stream LIVE video to your bluetooth (ie. any modern) smartphone.

The implications are awesome, with uses sure to expand beyond the obvious: Easy set up of the camera when aiming it on your helmet. Hinted at is using Bluetooth remote controls, but the real money maker would be allowing it to use a standalone Bluetooth microphone. Just sayin’ Contour, that would be stellar.

Full press release, including which platforms it’ll play nice with, after the break…

UPDATE: The update is a firmware update that’s performed by hooking it up to your computer and will work with any Contour GPS camera. The iOS app is about two weeks out, and Android is in early stages.

PRESS RELEASE: Contour, a market leader in hands-free video cameras, is announcing a new feature for its award winning ContourGPS model: Bluetooth. Already the first hands-free video camera to capture speed and location in real-time, Contour is unveiling a built-in Bluetooth chip in the ContourGPS along with a mobile app that together enable your phone to become a live viewfinder. Now you can see what your camera sees while configuring your settings, all from the most remote locations. Applications are currently being developed for the Android and iOS platforms. Contour will be demonstrating this new functionality at the Consumer Electronics Show.

“We’re excited about turning a phone into a live screen for the ContourGPS and delivering the single feature nearly all of our customers have been asking for,” says Marc Barros, Contour’s CEO. “ContourGPS was already the first hands-free camera to introduce real-time GPS, bringing a whole new level of video storytelling to our customers around the world. But with the enabling of Bluetooth, ContourGPS becomes the only hands-free video camera with a wireless viewfinder.”

Hands-free is one of the fastest growing video camera categories, but it’s often limited in its application by the lack of a screen. By unlocking Bluetooth, ContourGPS opens itself to connectivity with audio, remote control, and mobile accessories. Most importantly, it enables a mobile app to turn your phone into a live viewfinder.

The ContourGPS camera brings together three of the hottest trends: location, mobile, and video. It goes beyond being just a camera – it’s an all-in-one platform that offers innovative software in conjunction with a vibrant online community. Customers can record, post, and share their video adventures while tracking their path, speed, and elevation on a map – all at the same time. A rugged video camera made specifically for the estimated 100 million outdoor enthusiasts around the world; ContourGPS makes it easy to capture video from within the action and share it online in seconds.

A 2011 CES Innovations Award Winner, ContourGPS ($349.99 MSRP) is being displayed at the Digital Experience Event on January 5th and at the company’s CES Booth #35155. Visit http://contour.com/camera/contour_gps to learn more or to find a complete list of retailers.

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13 years ago

There’s been the Looxcie that has a similar setup but with a smaller device out for a while. I won’t link, google abounds. But if this camera is like the looxcie, the video will be awful.

13 years ago

I went to the 1995 CES – the big rollout of the Microsoft BOB operating system – Microsoft screws some up, too. Lot’s of booth babes. I saw Johnny Cash sitting in a crappy 20′ booth with some independent software company – not a sole giving him a second glance. Ahmad Rashad and Charles Barkley had a line going across the aisle. The Man in Black looked dejected. Sandra Bullock ran through the crowd unannounced – they were filming the last chase scene for “The Net.” So many electronics everywhere that the movie cameras blended in. A CES badge also gets you into the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo at the Sands (that was an experience that made a seasoned frat boy feel Amish.) CES is well worth the trip – it takes several days to cover all the convention centers. Good times.

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