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Crankbrothers Updates Stamp 1 Composite Flat Pedals | Review

crankbrothers stamp 1 flat mtb pedal composite review
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Crankbrothers has revised the Stamp 1, their most budget-friendly flat pedal, retailing at £59.99. While the composite platform shape is updated to deliver the upmarket look of the aluminum Stamp 7, the platform dimensions are unchanged.

There are two versions of the Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Pedal:

  • The Stamp 1 Small (tested here) measures 100mm x 100mm, recommended for EU Sizes 35-43.5 (US 3-10, and UK 2-9)
  • The Stamp 1 Large measures 111mm wide, and 114mm long, recommended for EU Sizes 43.5-49 (US 10-15, and UK 9-12+)

More important changes come on the inside, with a chromoly steel spindle and low friction IGUS bushings, and an upgraded seal system that is also seen on the more expensive Stamp 7 pedals. The bushings are said to be highly resistant to wear, while offering a low coefficient of friction such that the pedal will continue to spin freely in a range of adverse conditions.

The updates are said to prevent water and debris from entering the pedal, extending its usable lifetime. When the bushings do eventually wear, they are easily replaced with the purchase of the Stamp 1 refresh kit – at a cost of £23.99 ($24.99 USD).

I’m up to around 25 rides on these now – here’s how i’ve been getting on with them.

crankbrtohers stamp 1 composite pedal review
This second generation of the Crankbrothers Stamp 1 shares internals with the pricier Stamp 7, but lacks a grease port on the end of the spindle

Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Pedal | Review

As a wearer of UK Size 4.5/5 shoes, I tested the Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Small pedal. Throughout the two-month test period, I paired them with both the FiveTen Freerider and the FiveTen Trailcross XT shoes.

Any pedal is only as good as the shoe it’s paired with. And, i’m happy to report that both pairings have been very good. Pushed to say which is better, i’d give the Freerider shoes the edge. The improved connection is likely owing to the worn-in Freerider shoe being that little bit broader, and more flexible.

crankbrothers stamp 1 gen 2 concave profile

The Stamp 1 pedals are 15.5mm thick at the leading/trailing edges, and the 13.5mm thick in the central region. There is a very subtle concavity across the platform of just 1mm. I can’t easily discern that on the trail, though.

Pedals with an exaggerated concavity can allow your foot to flex into a sort of claw-like shape, with your toes curled over the front edge slightly – shoe sole flex-dependent. While it doesn’t sound ideal, it can actually provide a very secure locked-in feel, but it can also lead to foot fatigue.

Given the good grip i’ve experienced with the Stamp 1 pedals, i’m inclined to say that Crankbrothers have found a good balance with the subtle concavity. It is enough that I can feel the pedal has some shape to it, giving good awareness of foot position at any given moment. But, I find my feet are nicely relaxed, without sinking deep into the mid-section.

The Stamp 1 is home to 10 replaceable grub screw-like pins per side. While they aren’t as tall or aggro as other pin designs, they do the job very well. The connection feels secure, even when pressure through the pedal is reduced momentarily; at the top of the pedal stroke when climbing, for example.

crankbrothers stamp 1 pedal chromoly spindle internals dirt ingress

Wear & Tear

Unfortunately, after just three rides, a small but nevertheless detectable amount of play developed on the spindle. It’s not so much that it is noticeable while riding, though. I continued to monitor the play, but it hasn’t worsened in the 20 rides since.

I recently disassembled the pedals to take a look at the upgraded seal system. While a not insignificant amount of dust had managed to contaminate the internals, the outboard bushing remained uncontaminated, with a reasonable amount of grease on the spindle’s end. Sadly, we can’t say the same for the inboard side.

Behind the metal plate, which sits behind the main seal, are two plastic covers that snap onto the inboard end of the spindle. Where the two covers meet, there is a slight gap that has clearly permitted some amount of water and dirt ingress. Indeed, underneath the plastic covers, the spindle is showing signs of rust.

I repacked the internals with grease, which eliminated the small amount of play. But, one wet ride and a hose wash later, the play was back. I think these pedals will require regular re-greasing throughout the winter months to prevent premature wear on the bushings and corrosion of the spindle. We haven’t been able to fully service the Stamp 1 pedals yet but, we are told that no special tools are required.

We contacted Extra UK (the Crankbrothers UK distributor) regarding the issue, to find out how any warranty claim would be handled. They said, “We’d either send a replacement set out if it was clear there was an issue over email, or we’d get the pedals in to inspect, and then either repair/replace depending on the severity of the issue”. This is a policy that Crankbrothers implement worldwide.


I’ve not been the most careful owner of the Stamp 1 pedals. I have carelessly dragged them against ruts and smashed them off roots and rocks on many occasions. That’s all as a result of ill-timed pedal strokes, rather than the pedal being overly-chunky. It’s actually one of the thinner pedals i’ve had on test over the years.

Despite that abuse, it’s pleasing to report the pedals are very much in one piece. There is only minor aesthetic damage to report. All twenty pins have remained firmly in place and somewhat unscathed.


  • Size-specific fit is excellent
  • Very good grip
  • Serviceable (no special tools required)
  • Composite platform is hardy enough
  • Low profile
  • Lightweight (323 grams for the pair, actual)
  • No rider weight limit
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Developed subtle play after three rides
  • Crankbrothers could further improve sealing
  • Spare pins not provided

Our Take

The latest Crankbrothers Stamp 1 composite pedal is a good performer on the trail, providing consistent, confident grip in all conditions. It does seem the sealing around the spindle stands to be further improved, with contamination leading to the early introduction of play. Owners will need to stay on top of re-greasing and servicing. Despite this, the pedal remains a good budget option, sold with an impressive 5-year warranty. That’s in contrast to the one year warranty on OneUp Component’s similarly-priced Composite Pedal.

crankbrothers stamp 1 pedals black red purple orange blue

Pricing & Availability

The new Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Pedals retail at £59.99 ($59.99 USD). That’s up £10 from the £49.99 retail price of the former Stamp 1 pedal.

Get them in Black, Orange, Purple, Red or Blue.


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7 months ago

My first gen Stamp 1s lasted four years until the bearings needed replacing. Ordered a pedal refresh kit and they are smooth and quiet again.

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