Need to use your road or mountain bike for a quick journey to the shops, or to get to the local watering hole on a Friday night? It’s likely you won’t want to wear your cycling shoes for those occasions, as walking around in SPDs is never a good time. Instead of swapping out your clipless pedals for flats every time, you can actually temporarily convert your clipless pedal into a platform. Here’s the latest component from Crankwork designed to do just that.

Crankwork Adapters for Clipless to Flats Conversion

crankwork clipless pedal conversion flat platform with traction pins

The Crankwork Clipless Pedal to Platform Adapters allow you to quickly swap your clipless pedal for a flat option without removing the pedals. The adapters are designed to be light and durable, made from 100% aircraft grade aluminum. These are very similar to an offering from Fly Pedals, but are lower in profile and weigh 11g less at a claimed 57g each.

That said, they do have fewer traction pins; 8 versus the 12 you’ll see on the Fly Pedals platform. The Crankwork pedal adapters are said to work with all clipless pedals that have 2 and 3 hole cleat options, including cleats from the following brands:

  • Shimano SPD / SPD-SL
  • Look KEO
  • Keo2Max
  • Time ATAC
  • Crank Brothers Egg Brothers & Candy
  • Speedplay
  • Clic & RXS, Infinity Pedals, and S-Track & Delta

crankworks clipless pedal adapter look cleats

What you will need to consider is the Q-Factor of your clipless pedals. If too narrow, there may be compatibility issues with the Crankwork adapter as it needs sufficient clearance on the inboard side so as not to interfere with the crank arm.

How do you install them?

install crankwork clipless pedal adapter flat platformThis is said to be a quick and easy job. You simply bolt the necessary set of cleats to the adapter via the four available holes in the centre of the platform. You then click the platform into place on the pedal, just as you would the cleats on the bottom of your cycling shoes.


crankwork clipless pedal conversion flat platform spd look time atac crankbrothers speedplay


Pricing & Availability

Pick up the Crankwork Clipless Pedal to Platform Adapters for £21.55 in one of five colorways from Amazon.


  1. pedaltrash on

    I bought a cheap Chinese set that looked a lot like that off Amazon. Clipping them in/out was tough, but worse was the float. Clipped to Eggbeater pedals on a MTB the float in the cleat made them really sketchy. Do these have a workaround for that? Also, because they add weight offset to the axle, they immediately roll to the bottom when you take your foot off. I really wanted to like the solution, but they just weren’t workable. I don’t see any reason these would be any different.

  2. kracken41 on

    I made a set of something very similar with an engineer friend of mine and used them in a pair of Look Keo 2 pedals. Long story short is that they put a ton of extra pressure on the pedal bearings and one of my pedals imploded after about 2 hours of riding. YMMV, but I’d be cautious using this with pedals I was in love with.

  3. BubbRubb on

    There’s this amazing invention that circumvents all the issues people have mentioned. It’s a set of flat pedals.

  4. gregoryvanthomas on

    The problem with this and all other platform adapters is that your shoe grips the platform (as it should). You can then rotate your foot while it’s on the platform and it will unclip the platform from the pedal.
    Speedplay had the Platformer which was even easier to install and remove and eliminated this issue.

    • Andrew on

      I agree Gregory! My brother gifted me a set of the FLy Pedals a few years back and they’re all but useless… mine clip out inadvertently all the time…

  5. Vlado on

    These are not similar to the cheap ones from Aliexpress, these are the same as the ones from Aliexpress lol. Same pictures used also there, with that MZYAH (or what it is) name, Crankwork nowhere on the adapter, also one of the photos is showing a different adapter style..
    I have bought them to be used with MTB SPD cleats on my gravel bike (when girlfriend borrows it from time to time), but they suck heavily, the float and leverage with classic SPD is so high that they will unclip from the pedal after a few pedal strokes (also with the screw tightened on the pedal). Right into the bin they went, unfortunately… (they cost me around 8$ iirc)

  6. Jim E on

    Or you could just get some of those plastic throwaway test ride inserts that a lot of bikes have on the showroom floor.

  7. Anonymous Coward on

    I found a pair of these on the ground one night. I had already seen them online and was pretty excited to have these for bar hoping.

    Turns out they are terrible.

    Have you ever wanted platforms on flats. I haven’t. Have you ever wanted a platform that could unclip. Nope.

    On Time Atac or Egg Beaters these are basically unrideable. I was out riding maybe the second short ride on them and one of them unclipped for like the third time. I unclipped the other one and left them for the next sucker to find. I’m not sure if I feel more guilty about littering or setting someone else up to fail. I blame my bad decision making on my being frustrated by these things. I should have done the right thing and thrown them in the rubbish bin where they belong!

    • Jessie-May Morgan on

      It seems there are a number of reviews online claiming that the webstore is a scam. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Santiago. We have changed the link.


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