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Cratoni protects with app-connected Smartride & more commuter helmets

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Last year their C-94 connected helmet was just a concept, and Cratoni seemed then like it would not be ready for production anytime soon. Well that has changed, as it has the name Smartride, a pricetag, and looks remarkably similar to last year’s prototype. If you don’t need to connect your helmet, Cratoni also has a few other urban helmets with varying degrees of venting & tech features, but all meeting new European e-bike crash protection certification.

Cratoni Smartride connected smart helmet

Cratoni C-94 concept smart helmet connected commuter urban bike helmet tech details

No Kickstarter affair, this is a proper smart helmet from an established helmet producer with integrated crash sensors, hands-free headset, remote controllable turn signals & tail light, and ride tracking via the connected smartphone app.  It even uses a Bluetooth remote on the handlebar to control lighting hands-free volume, and even snap a photo.

Cratoni Smartride smart helmet app sensor connected urban commuter bike helmet anthracite rear e-bike pedelec

The new Smartride comes in two sizes – S/M & M/L – to fit heads from 54-61cm, two colors gray or black, and sells for 350€. Besides the smart tech, the helmet features a standard in-mold construction with a limited 9 air vents & an Active Vent adjustable top vent, all fitting with Cratoni’s classification of the Smartride as an urban commuter or e-bike helmet. It also gets a snap-in place, adjustable visor that claims to be compatible over prescription eyewear (and will be available separately in different tints – 40€ for clear or tinted, 100€ for photochromatic). The 450g Smartride also meets european crash certifications for use with higher speed pedelecs (up to 45km/hr, NTA 8776) in addition to normal CE helmet standards (EN 1078).

Cratoni Commuter & Evo urban e-bike helmets

Cratoni Commuter urban commuter bike helmet white front e-bike pedelec

A couple more new helmets for the urban cyclist share some similar styling and tech with the Smartride, without going fully electronic and app-connected. The 150€ Commuter is another half shell lid limited to 9 vents and getting a visor. It is available in the same two sizes and three colors – black, white & gray with blue logos. It also is certified for either standard bikes or pedelecs. The Commuter does get a bit of electronics, with a small integrated lit strip at the back.

Cratoni Commuter urban commuter bike helmet white Active Vents

It also shares a similar Active Vent on top that lest the cyclist open and close the upper vents with a slider, that when closed adds more reflectivity to the helmet. It’s visor is adjustable as well, with the same separate options available, but simply rotates up and out of the way to make the helmet easy to get an & off.

Cratoni Evo urban commuter bike helmet white front e-bike pedelec

The 120€ Evo gets a bit more simple. Dropping the adjustable venting it uses a similar in-mold shell to the Commuter with 10 fixed vents. It still gets the adjustable, replaceable visor and an integrated rear light, but again slims down to 370g while still meeting e-bike safety standards.

C-Pure bike helmet

Cratoni C-Pure urban commuter lifestyle bike helmet blue front e-bike pedelec

Lastly for slightly more active cyclists, not necessarily getting an e-bike assist, Cratoni has the new C-Pure helmet that adapts a bit of the styling and performance of their C-Pro road helmet. (It does still meet the NTA 8776 pedelec norm, though.) The 310g helmet is still meant to be a casual helmet for cruising around town, and comes with a reasonable 80€ pricetag.

Cratoni C-Pure urban commuter lifestyle bike helmet neon yellow front e-bike pedelec

Its 14 vents offer a bit more cooling for cyclists working up a sweat, and includes the same anti-bug mesh that Cratoni molds into their kid’s & lifestyle helmets. With a tiny lip visor, the C-Pure is available in two sizes and four colors – blue, gray, black and neon yellow.


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6 years ago

IMHO, both smart and e-bike helmets are hideous ideas. Maybe they should offer a tongue-operated keyboard for texting while they’re at it – I’m sure some anoraks might be interested in that too…

Adrian Socho
Adrian Socho
6 years ago

I really like that Cratoni sells their stuff under the Lidl brand and that it is accessible and affordable for regular (non-bike-infested) folks. Cannot wait when I see this helmet in Lidl as well!

6 years ago

I would love to have lights & cameras integrated in the helmet. That way I wouldn’t have to remove/remount 4 accessories from my bike every time I park somewhere. Thieves are still the #1 annoyance to bike commuting imo

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