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Cruzbike T50 front wheel drive recumbent is more affordable, comes dressed in black

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When we first covered recumbent bike company Cruzbike a couple years ago, they were introducing their trike adapter for riders wanting a three-wheeled – lean-the-bike – recumbent riding experience. These guys are truly passionate about the recumbent bicycle, and the many testimonials of record-setting distance rides and back-to-biking stories on their website can attest to their dedication to #recline riding.

Now, Cruzbike is back again to offer a cheaper-than-ever front wheel drive recumbent option with the T50

Cruzbike is known for this front wheel drive design, which offers the ability to use standard bike parts for the drivetrain due to the normal distance between crankset and cassette. It’s their frame design that ultimately allows for that front mounting, translating into dollars and weight saved from not needing an 8-foot chain and other usually recumbent-specific parts. Music to the ears for riders when thinking of repairs and maintenance. You’ll recognize many of the components used in standard bikes today.

So what sets this model apart from their previous offerings? Simple – price.

Paying homage to ol’ Henry Ford and all his manufacturing brilliance, they’ve taken an approach similar to the man himself. They state, “By simplifying our manufacturing processes and using all standard bike parts, we’re able to set a low price point while maintaining the joy of riding a quality Cruzbike.” Envisioning a fun, affordable urban cruiser, it’s been two years since the team started to research and develop their first prototype design, ultimately ending up with a simple, elegant option which they feel is “fun and easy to ride, simple to manufacture, easily customizable and our most price-accessible bike yet.”

Cruzbike T50 front wheel drive recumbent bicycle. All photos c.Cruzbike

T50 Features:

  • Frame: 7005 T6 aluminum alloy frame
  • Front Triangle: Custom designed power triangle with telescoping inner tube plus oversized 34.9mm outer tube for additional stiffness, constructed from 7005 T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Seat: Adjustable custom seat assembly
  • Custom designed cushions: 2-inch thick cushions with washable covers
  • Wheelbase: 43 inches
  • Weight: Basic Complete T50 weighs in at 32lbs

Mentioning the famous “Any color as long as it’s black” quip in their campaign page rounds out the other part of the cost-cutting efforts. Through simplifying their finishing process, they’re able to then pass along those savings to consumers, if the campaign is funded, of course, which it already is. Being a huge-fan myself of all-black anything, from jorts to bikes, the Deluxe Black Cruiser feels like the bike reincarnation of the Model T, the inspiration for the name. Skinwall tires, and Woody’s Fenders make this thing scream to be pedaled out on those Amish country roads or just around the city too.

Find all the details on the T50 at the Cruzbike T50 Kickstarter Campaign page. Don’t want black? Order during the campaign and you’ve got color options, two of which are already sold out. Framesets (above) start at $650 and complete bikes at $995.


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6 years ago

Pedaling and stearing on the same wheel . Not sure i understand the logic on that one. So turning is ok as you dont pedal and pedalling will be good as long as no turning.

Mike Atkins
6 years ago
Reply to  Bmx

Didja ever ride a “Big Wheel” when you were a kid ? same skills involved. Yes, you can pedal and turn at the same time. Just lean to the side you want to go.

6 years ago

its really a neat design for a recumbent. i’m not sure how big of a deal a long chain actually is for efficiency, but this seems like a good alternative. i would need to ride one to see how the whole steering thing worked out, though.

6 years ago

that’s quite the dandy horse

Vicki Cheney
6 years ago

Pedaling and steering on the same wheel (front wheel drive, moving bottom bracket) takes a little getting used to; but the people I know who ride them, love them.

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